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Task Two:

Task Two Maddi Luck

Viral advertising:

Viral advertising Strengths Fast growth, as the advertisement is available across all media platforms so it is seen by so many people Mainstream media exposure, advertising across newspapers, radio and social media collectively means that the target audience doesn't ’ t have to be limited Rapid lead generation, generating interest into the product Weaknesses Due to the amount of emails and messages people receive on a daily basis, some viral advertisements can be seen as spam Negative representation, a message may not be put across as it was intended and this can generate a harmful reputation for the business Viral advertising’s success can be hard to measure as it works across all media platforms An example of viral advertising is Evian’s advert for bottled water using Roller skating babies. Although the video went viral and collected 50 million views, the brand’s sales dropped by 25 percent as it clashed with the dip in the purchase of plastic bottles due to global warming There are three criteria for basic viral marketing; the messenger, the message and the environment. All three must be effectively executed in order for a viral message to be successful.

Native advertising:

Native advertising Native advertising is a form of paid media advertising that is frequently adopted by content marketers. Strengths Good for building trust with customers as it is paid for so it is taken more seriously then pop up ads Once a user engages with a native advert, you can retarget them with relevant advertisements that have a much better chance at effectiveness. Average brand recall with native adverts is 2 times more than the traditional banner advert. Weaknesses Native advertisements can sometimes encourage accidental clicks by using images that appear to be real content Can use inaccurate or misleading headlines to encourage users Can include duplicate content that belongs to other organisations Because native advertisements are drawn from social media it limits the target audience to certain age groups An example of native advertising is the New York Times, A hugely successful newspaper in the US. Within the newspaper., Dell are advertising their company but have designed it to look like part of the newspapers content.

Targeted advertising:

Targeted advertising An example of an organisation using targeted advertising is Facebook A form of advertising where online advertisers can use sophisticated methods to target the most receptive audiences with certain traits, based on the product or person the advertiser is promoting Strengths The adverts are chosen based on their relevance to the site so they are less likely to aggravate users Targets people based on their search queries through tracking cookies they use and the websites they visit meaning they are almost guaranteed to interest the user Targeted advertisements can be cued by clicks, this makes it possible to make an impression on users in the time it takes for a web page to load Weaknesses Targeting advertisements at specific ages or genders can cut out a huge amount of the population which limits growth This form of advertisement is paid for which costs the business money without guarantee it will increase sales If all users only see adverts based on their preferences, they are less likely to be introduced to new products Users may find it invasive that the advertisements are based on their searches and web page visits

Shoppable tags:

Shoppable tags Examples of organisations using shoppable tags include Instagram and snapchat Retailers tag their products in photos across social media which loads up their page inside the application Strengths The taggable products feature allows users to tap the tags that are applied to photos leading to a purchase link, this allows users to buy products they see directly through the application, without having to search for those products in other windows Consumers can recommend products to other consumers, the business does not have to put in any work Can encourage global expansion as applications are available across the world Weaknesses There are many users who try to hack applications such as Instagram to try and make money Some influencers take advantage of the shoppable tags feature and convert to spamming their following, this could encourage users to stop using these platforms Other influencers do not ass a disclaimer to when their content is sponsored meaning that their following can feel tricked into purchasing a product

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