4 Common LinkedIn Profile Mistakes

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LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with professionals in your industry. It is therefore necessary that you have an optimized LinkedIn profile. This presentation shows you the top 4 mistakes that people commits on their LinkedIn profile..


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Profile Blunders You should avoid:

Profile Blunders You should avoid Presented by MACsWomen’s Group

“The Network of Professionals”:

“The Network of Professionals” LinkedIn has become more than just a job resource. It has now become a tool for professionals to connect, discuss, and ask questions and get answers from industry experts. It’s a great opportunity to connect with people in your industry, so using learning to use it right is absolutely necessary . Following are 4 of the mistakes that most people make on LinkedIn and how you can avoid them: http://www.macswomenonline.com

Blunder 1: Your Profile is Just All About “What You Do”:

Blunder 1: Your Profile is Just All About “What You Do” If you really want people to start taking interest in you, tell them how you or your company can help them instead of just telling them what you do . It’s the same as marketing a product – you highlight the benefits more than the product features. http://www.macswomenonline.com

Blunder 2: Your Most Important Message is Not Reaching Them RIGHT AWAY:

Blunder 2: Your Most Important Message is Not Reaching Them RIGHT AWAY Most people who buy magazines/newspapers by impulse bought them because of the headline. The picture or text on the headline grabbed their attention. Whatever’s inside is just bonus for them. Your profile summary should work like this. http://www.macswomenonline.com

Blunder 3: You Don’t Update Regularly:

Blunder 3: You Don’t Update Regularly Neglecting to update your profile can slow down the momentum of growth you have on your LinkedIn account. You need fresh content regularly to engage your audience and keep them coming back. If you fail to do that, you will more likely lose your audience. A lot of LinkedIn accounts die a natural death due to neglect and dormancy. http://www.macswomenonline.com

Blunder 4: You Fail to Give Them a Positive Mental Picture:

Blunder 4: You Fail to Give Them a Positive Mental Picture Give your target audience a mental picture of: who you are, what makes you unique, and most importantly how you can help them or make the world a better place. If you have not given your audience or painted for them a positive mental picture, your path to building a successful online brand will be much harder.  http://www.macswomenonline.com

Connect With Us!:

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