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History of Chandigarh : 

History of Chandigarh The idea of building Chandigarh, a capital for East Punjab, was conceived in 1947 immediately after the Independence of India. Compared to contemporaneous new towns in India, Chandigarh acquired a special status as a symbol of the spirit and potential of Independent India. It was to be an aesthetic and social utopia –  “a new town unfettered by traditions of the past,” “a capital from which would flow life and activity throughout the Province,” and, “the last word in beauty, in simplicity and in standards of such comfort as it is our duty to provide to every human being.” The aim was to create a model in city planning for the nation, if not for the world.

About Chandigarh : 

About Chandigarh Promoting Chandigarh as a World Class Tourism Destination. Promoting Chandigarh's Modem Heritage.  Strengthening of the Collaboration with different Tour Operators & Membership in IATO (Indian Association of Tour Operators). Boosting the tourism information infrastructure by printing of pictorial/comprehensive booklets and brochures in different languages. Training Courses for the employees of Tourism establishments, hotels and taxi drivers. Maintaining a world class website for Chandigarh Tourism and updating it regularly. Enabling booking of CITCO & private Hotel rooms in the city online, through the website Installing modem, attractive and professionally fabricated sign Boards & information boards at important locations in the city to facilitate easy access to information for tourists & visitors to the city. These would contain brief and relevant information on tourist places & other important locations of the city. Creating a Chandigarh Pass on the pattern of the "London Pass" in order to offer a wide range of facilities at tourist spots, like Rock Garden, Museums, Theaters etc. Promoting Entertainment in the city to make Chandigarh famous as a "City of Events". Boosting the Nightlife by promoting of "Film-evenings" (in collaboration with the Film Circle), open air concerts and different events like the "New Year Festival". Involving institutions like IHM, FCI, Colleges, School, etc. in a coordinated manner, to channelise the energies office youth for tourism promotion. Collaborating with embassies & missions of various countries on a constant basis to boost mutually important areas of the tourism sector

Places to Visit : 

Places to Visit Chandigarh offers a rich fare of places of tourist interest within short intra-city distances, amidst a clean environment. Rock Garden- Chandigarh has the distinction of having world acclaimed Rock Garden. It consists of art objects made from industrial and urban waste. It is the first one of its kind in the World.

Places to Visit : 

Places to Visit SUKHNA LAKE -This man-made Lake is situated in the foothills of Shivalik Range and offers an ideal place for quiet communion with Nature. It also offers boating and other water sports facilities. ARCHITECTURE - A grand success in the annals of modern architecture.

Places to Visit : 

Places to Visit MUSEUM & ART GALLERY - It has the largest collection of the world famous Gandhara (Buddhist) Sculpture after Lahore. It has also large number of miniature Indian paintings. CULTURAL & THEATER SHOWS - It has a large number of auditoriums, some air-conditioned & some open air. The City boasts of 6 art galleries.

Places to Visit : 

Places to Visit ROSE GARDEN -The largest Rose Garden in Asia, it is spread over an area of 27 acres and has more than 17,000 plants representing some 1,600 varieties of roses as well as several fountains. PARKS - Tree plantation & landscaping is an integral part of the city's Master Plan. Smriti Upavan, Topiary Park, Bougainvillea Park, Rajendra Park, Shanti Kunj, Children's Traffic Park


TOUR THE REGION Himachal Pradesh All of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and Jammu and Kashmir are easily accessible from Chandigarh. With the hills close by, cool environs are very easily reached by road. Chandigarh also acts as a gateway to many pilgrimage centres in the neighbouring states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh Tourist Information Centre, ISBT, Sector 17 Tel : 2708569, 2707267 Kasauli 77 kms from Chandigarh A hill station popular for its unspoiled charm and quiet nature trails. At night one gets a lovely view of the lights of Chandigarh from here. Several reputed public schools are located near Kasauli, the one at Sanawar being the most prestigious


TOUR THE REGION Timber Trail30 kms from Chandigarh A popular rope way tourist resort located in the picturesque valley near Parwanoo on the Kalka-Shimla highway. ‘A must see’ for tourists. People of Chandigarh frequently visit this resort on weekends. Renuka Lake95 kms from Chandigarh The Renuka Lake is regarded as the embodiment of Renukaji, the wife of the sage Jamadagini and the mother of Parshuram one of the ten Avtars of Lord Vishnu. Shaped like the profile of a woman, the lake has the circumference of 2.5 km and is the largest in Himachal.


SHOPPING &ENTERTAINMENT CITY CENTRE SECTOR 17 The main shopping and commercial centre of Chandigarh is Sector 17. This vast commercial complex is a pedestrian's paradise with four main piazzas meeting at a 'chowk'. It provides something for everyone, from hectic business activity to unhurried window shopping and even crowd gazing in the vicinity of the fountain. Air-conditioned showrooms and departmental stores cater to the needs of shoppers. Government Emporia, innumerable shops, eateries, coffee houses, bars and pubs keep the visitor fully engrossed. The City Centre or Sector 17, as it is popularly called, is architecturally a blend of cuboids building blocks and open spaces. The piazza livens up in the afternoon with the office crowds out in the open spaces and shopping colonnades to refresh themselves. In the evenings, shoppers and tourists, enjoying ice creams or popcorns, sit on the steps of the "dove of peace" sculpture, where water cascades down from one level to another in geometrically shaped tanks, amidst delightful play of colourful lights.




FAIRS & FESTIVALS Many festivals & cultural events take place along with other holidays, in and near the city, including many Festivals, Exhibitions, Carnivals and Fashion Shows throughout the year. The Rose Festival is celebrated at Rose Garden in the month of February end or beginning of March. The Chandigarh Carnival is celebrated in the month of November . It is for Students to show their talents and participation in a number of competitions.



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