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Nature, Nurture, or Both?:

Nature, Nurture, or Both? By MacKenzie Brown ENG-112-T01 Sherry Lofton


Abstract Nature vs Nurture is controversial topic in psychology. Most believe that is solely relies on inherited traits (nature) and there are those who believe that it is that it relies on environmental traits (nurture). There has been new evidence introduced that show that it may actually be a mixture of both that help shape human behavior to what it is. This has been a debate that has been up for debacle for decades. There has not been a clear line to help settle the debate of the two, but only time will tell if it will ever be.

Do nature and nurture determine any of these factors? :

Do nature and nurture determine any of these factors? Differences in intelligence? V iolent behavior ? Mental illnesses ? Drug Abuse? Selfish/giving Hostile/peaceful?

Nature (Nativist View):

Nature (Nativist View) The nativist view is that all or most behaviors and characteristic are inherited. An example of the nativist view, is language that a child first learns to speak. It was believed by Noam Chomsky that children are biologically wired to learn the native language that they are endoded with, such as english or spanish . They also believe that your perenats determine how personality (relaxed/hostile), and behavior(carefree, reserved).

Nurture (empiricist view):

Nurture ( empiricist view) The empiricist view is that all or most behaviors or characteristics are a result from learning. Empiricists think that language is entirely learned. They point out that there is no evidence for language-specific adaptations in human biology and that all known languages match the means of cultural developments . They also think think the way you act stems from life experience, the way you were taught, and the environment in which you grew up.

Nature Studies:

Nature Studies To study the influence of genes on personality and behavior, psychologists have carried out: Twin studies-genetically identical individuals are compared with each other and with those who are genetically different. Adoption studies-people who are genetically different but raised in the same environment are compared

Results of Nature Studies:

Results of Nature Studies Twin studies shows that heredity does contribute to some psychological characteristics: personality, temperament. Adoption studies also show that the intelligence of adopted children is more strongly related to the scores of their biological parents than to those of adoptive parents – further support for the role of heredity, genes or nature.

Nurture Studies:

Nurture Studies The supporters of the nurture theory believe they ultimately don't matter - that our behavioral aspects originate only from the environmental factors of our upbringing. A study was performed that determined, If environment didn't play a part in determining an individual's traits and behaviors, then identical twins should, theoretically, be exactly the same in all respects, even if reared apart, but a number of studies show that they are never exactly alike, even though they are remarkably similar in most respects.

Why it is Both Nature and nurture that shape human behavior?:

Why it is Both Nature and nurture that shape human behavior? It is now being understood the actions that we display are a mixture between nature and nurture. G enes do not by solely ensure that a particular attribute will be evident. Genes need the right environments for natural tendencies to be articulated . A gene may increase the chances that you will behave in a particular way, but it solely not the reason why people do the things they do. We choose who we will be. All in all nature relies on nurture and vice versa and hence both coexist together .

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Effects who we are, how we behave and why you do what you do Nature Genetic Inheritance of traits and characteristics Nurture Learned traits and characteristics Interaction

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