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Different Types Of Cranes:

Different Types Of Cranes Presentation by Machines4u

What Is Crane?:

What Is Crane? A crane is an essential piece of heavy equipment not only for the construction industry, but for more than a few. These days, the construction projects depend on lifting extremely heavy objects and machines, and without cranes, it would be impossible to build a very tall building, for example. The cranes are capable of lifting & moving the heaviest loads possible from one place of the job site to another during a construction process.

Types Of Cranes:

Types Of Cranes The first crane was developed in ancient Greece in the late 6 th century BC and they were only improved in time. They were used for building tall buildings, churces, monuments and similar buildings. Today, there are many classifications of the cranes, but the basic one is: Mobile, also referred as truck cranes ; Fixed, also referred as tower cranes; All other crane types have evolved from these two types of cranes and the concept of all is to move heavy materials and objects using pulleys and levers.

Fixed Cranes:

Fixed Cranes Fixed cranes, often referred to as tower cranes, are the largest cranes that can be found on the large construction job sites. They are used for lifting the heaviest loads and equipment on the job sites, simply because they dispose with an incredible stability. With a base fixed in the ground with reinforced concrete columns, the tower cranes are efficient for building tall skyscrapers and similar tall buildings. The tower cranes are easy to recognize, due to their trademark “T” look formed of a jib and the mast sections.

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With counterweights of 20 tons, the tower cranes can handle loads of up to 18 tons and has a maximum outreach of 70 meters. The total height of tower cranes is about 80 meters. However, the tower cranes are not able to lift loads of their maximum lifting capacity, if the loads are not positioned at the end of the jib. The tower cranes lift more safely when the loads are positioned closer to the mast sections.

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Building a tower crane might be a complicated process, but the professionals know how to build one in only few hours. Once the tower crane is built, performing a load test is required in order to ensure that the power and lifting capacities of the tower crane are the ones you required. So, when the tower crane passes the load test, it means that is functional and ready to start lifting. Fixed crane offer these advantage over the mobile cranes: Lifting extremely heavy objects and equipment; Incredible stability;

Mobile Cranes:

Mobile Cranes Mobile cranes are all cranes that are able to move around a job site and from one site to another using their own power and wheels. There are many types of mobile cranes: all terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, truck cranes, side-lift cranes, pick & carry cranes and crawler cranes. Mobile cranes feature a telescopic boom, mounted on their platform, able to move extremely heavy materials in an efficient and safe manner. Extremely efficient and incredibly versatile, mobile cranes can be used for a variety of applications and in areas with limited access.

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The most common form of mobile cranes are truck cranes, so mobile cranes are very often referred to as truck cranes. Truck cranes provide both the advantages of the trucks and the cranes, enabling them to be used for various lifting tasks. Most truck cranes have their crane parts positioned at the back of the trucks, adding additional flexibility. Their design is very compact, but still heavy-duty, so the truck cranes can be used for very tough applications. Also, most truck cranes are equipped with outriggers for additional stability, which is very important during tougher lifting operations.

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The advantages of truck cranes over the fixed cranes are: Incredible versatility and flexibility; Maneuverability; Easier transportability; Almost same lifting and power capacities; Compactness;

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