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Jib Crane:

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The jib crane is one of the smallest types of cranes, specifically meant for lighter lifting applications. It is a vital part of many industrial facilities and workshops in the world, as it provides quick and easy lifts of light materials. The lifting capacity of jib cranes ranges from 250 kg to 200 tons with an outreach of 50 meters at most. Jib cranes, with such capacities, are most efficient in a variety of both outdoor and indoor applications.

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Jib cranes are composed of a wire rope, a rigid frame and an arm mounted on an acute angle upwards from a wall or pillar that helps the cranes to lift and move loads quickly and efficiently. Their specific arm can rotate along their central axis for 360 degrees. However, they can be either fixed or moveable, and there are few classifications of jib cranes. The most common classification of jib cranes is: Wall Traveling Jib Cranes; Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes; Floor-Mounted Jib Cranes;

Wall Traveling Jib Cranes:

Wall Traveling Jib Cranes The wall traveling jib cranes may be identical with the wall-mounted jib cranes, but they have one huge difference: they are able to travel around the job site and cover the whole working surrounding without getting in contact with the ground. Mounted on specifically integrated concrete columns, the wall traveling jib cranes can easily travel around a workshop and carry loads independently in any direction.

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With a maximum rotation of 280 degrees and usually lifting capacity of 9000kg, wall traveling jib cranes are great option for daily use. Wall traveling jib cranes can help in avoiding of idle time of the workers and save a lot of money.

Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes:

Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes As mentioned, wall mounted and wall traveling jib cranes are very identical, but the wall mounted jib cranes can not rotate as much as the wall traveling jib cranes. Wall mounted jib cranes are most commonly used for quick handling of material. They are horizontally mounted on a wall and fixed with RCC (reinforced concrete column) for incredible stability.

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These jib cranes use a hoist mechanism and a jib arm that can easily fold, making them able to get to any corner in a workshop or industrial facility. Wall mounted jib cranes can rotate for 200 degrees and cover the whole area without obstruction at ground level.

Floor-Mounted Jib Cranes:

Floor-Mounted Jib Cranes The last, but not the least, floor mounted cranes are self-supporting type of cranes and the most powerful and stable jib cranes. Its vertical masts are mounted on the floor and fixed with a concrete foundation, so they are the suggested type of cranes for toughest lifting applications.

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The floor mounted jib cranes use a hoist mechanism and a boom. They are able to rotate for a full circle, so they can be used for sharing the load of few cranes. Not only for tough applications, but these jib cranes can be used on a daily basis for various lifting applications also, whether outdoor or indoor.

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