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1 All About Truck-Mounted Crane Presentation by Machines4u

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2 Contents What is truck-mounted crane? Types of truck-mounted cranes - Telescoping-boom truck-mounted crane - Lattice-boom truck-mounted crane Where can you find truck-mounted cranes online?

What is a truck-mounted crane?:

3 Truck-mounted crane is a combination of a usual crane and truck, very efficient for lifting and moving heavy loads. The reputation of truck-mounted cranes is huge here in Australia, as they are proven functional, reliable, versatile, efficient and dependable machines. Either very light or extremely heavy loads, the truck-mounted cranes are capable of performing various lifting tasks. In most cases, the crane is mounted at the rear of a truck, because it increases the flexibility, which means the truck-mounted crane can adjust to any type of job site very quickly. What is a truck-mounted crane?

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4 As stability is vital when lifting and transporting heavier loads, most truck-mounted cranes feature outriggers for increased stability. The most well-known advantage of the truck-mounted crane is that it can not only load, but also and transport very heavy loads, unlike all the other crane types. With no need for an additional vehicle for transportation, the truck-mounted crane is very cost-efficient. It is also helpful for other applications, such as loading, unloading, packing and others.

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5 Over the years, many different types of cranes with different specifications, features and sizes have been used, but only two main categories remained: telescoping-boom and lattice-boom cranes.

Types of truck-mounted cranes:

6 Sub Topic 2 Telescoping-boom truck-mounted crane : A truck-mounted crane that has a self-contained telescoping boom. When setting its outriggers, it is recommended to place a steel mat underneath in order to prevent pavement damage. The common dimensions of these cranes are: Maximum boom length of 21 up to 52 meters; Maximum jib lenght of 9 up to 30 meters; Maximum radius of 42 meters; Types of truck-mounted cranes

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7 Sub Topic 2 The telescoping-boom truck-mounted cranes vary in terms of capacities also, but the most common capacities are: Maximum lifting capacity (at minimum radius) of 6 to 36.5 tons; Maximum travel speed of up to 110 km/h; Three or four axles;

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8 Lattice-boom truck-mounted crane: A crane with lighter structure than the telescoping-boom cranes. The reduction of structure weight increases the lifting capacity of this type of truck-mounted crane. The most common dimensions of the lattice-boom truck-mounted cranes are: Maximum boom length of 52 up to 130 meters; Maximum jib lenght of 12 up to 91 meters; Maximum radius of the boom of 39 up to 116 meters;

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9 The common capacities of the lattice-boom truck-mounted cranes are: Maximum lifting capacities of 50 up to 600 tons; Maximum travel speed of 64 up to 96 km/h; Four to eight axles;

Where can you find truck-mounted cranes online?:

10 Of all the reliable and reputable suppliers of truck-mounted cranes you can find in Australia, Machines4u is the leading one. Machines4u disposes with a comprehensive range of truck cranes and various crane parts. Without further ado, you can easily visit our website on and check it for yourself. Where can you find truck-mounted cranes online?

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