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Our Thoughts about Comparing Fractions:

Our Thoughts about Comparing Fractions Trinity Griffith ~ “When I first heard about comparing fractions, I thought it was going to be boring but actually it’s really fun to do. I hope you really like fractions too!” Sierra Monts ~ “Comparing fractions were hard to me then I got better the more I practiced. I love fractions and MATH!”

Our Thoughts about Comparing Fractions:

Our Thoughts about Comparing Fractions Mylah Childress ~ “Comparing fractions hmmm… When I first tried to compare fractions I thought oh no I will never be able to do this but eventually I did. I thought there was to many steps and it got confusing. I hated it! Over the months I learned and memorized the steps and now I can compare fractions like there’s no problem! I hope this PowerPoint helped a lot of you.

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Theme: Stop Believing that YOU Can’t do Comparing Fractions Comparing Fractions

Do you have trouble with fractions?:

Do you have trouble with fractions? Well if you do pay close attention to this slide show!

How to setup comparing fractions:

How to setup comparing fractions Step #1 line up your fractions from top to bottom Step #2 take the denominators and find the Least Common Multiple(LCM) Step #3 count the multiples it took you to find the LCM this will be your MAGIC ONE

Let’s try it!:

Let’s try it! 1/10 – 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,110,120 2/20 – 20, 40,60, 80, 100, 120 5/40 – 40, 80, 120 6/30 – 30,60,90,120 120 is the LCM

Let’s try it Part 2:

Let’s try it Part 2 1/10 – 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,110,120 – M1=12 2/20 – 20, 40,60, 80, 100, 120 - M1=6 5/40 – 40, 80, 120 – M1=3 6/30 – 30,60,90,120 – M1=4 M1=MAGIC ONE

Using your MAGIC ONE:

Using your MAGIC ONE 1/10x12/12=12/120 2/20x6/6=12/120 5/40x3/3=15/120 6/30x4/4=24/120

Comparing your Fractions:

Comparing your Fractions Greatest to Least 24/20---15/20---12/20---12/120 6/30------5/40----2/20-----1/10 Now that I've done it, you try on your own! DON’T STOP BELIEVING

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Made By: Mylah Childress Trinity Griffith Sierra Monts 2011

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