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English work Simple Present And Present Continuous.

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Simple Present. -Simple present tense are actions that you habitualy do. Describe routines and say statements. Examples: Routins: I eat every day. He washes his teeth every day. She drinks milk every morning. Amelie always smile. Statements: She dances ballet. He plays football. We speak english in class. They watch tv in the after noon.

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Simple present. In the simple present tense verbs in third person (He, She, It), take an ´S´. Examples: -He studies english after class. -It rains in winter. -She drives well. And also. -The simple present tense in negative and interrogative forms use do or does. Do in all persons except: He, She, It. Does in thurd person singular (He,She,It).

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Examples Negative: -I don´t like fish. -My friend doesn´t live in Dalcahue. Examples Interrogative: -Do They play football? -Does she sleep nine hours?

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Precent continuos. -This tense is formed with the present tense of theverb to be plus the gerund of other verb (ing). Examples -I am writing now. -My father is working now. -My sister is reading a book. - He smiling now?

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And Also: In negative forms we use not in all persons. Examples: I am not driving now. They are not studying german.

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