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Decision Making

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My Aspect of Presentation: Definition Of D.M Process of D.M Challenges for D.M Techniques for Improving D.M & Six C’s


Definition The process of examining your possibilities options, comparing them, and choosing a course of action.

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The Decision-Making Process Define the Problem Evaluate Alternatives Implement the chosen Alternative Gather facts and develop alternatives. Select the best alternative. Follow up and evaluate the chosen alternative.

Explanation :

Explanation Identify a problem and decision criteria and allocating weights to the criteria. Developing , analyzing, and selecting an alternative that can resolve the problem. Implemented and selected alternatives. Evaluating the decision’s effectiveness.

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Challenges for Decision Makers Selection of the right path. Best utilization of the Resources. Resources are scares Handle the situations.

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Techniques for improving decision making Brainstorming – idea generation for decision making. Nominal group technique (NGT)- problem outlined, presentation of solution in written form, discussion over written solutions, and final decision.

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Delphi technique- decision made on the basis of questionnaire filled by the respondents. Consensus mapping- decision made on the basis of the report presented by the representative of each group .

Six C's of Decision Making :

Six C's of Decision Making 1. Construct. 2. Compile. 3. Collect. 4. Compare. 5. Consider. 6. Commit.

Six C's of Decision Making :

Six C's of Decision Making C onstruct a clear picture of precisely what must be decided. Compile a list of requirements that must be met. C ollect information on alternatives that meet the requirements.

Six C's of Decision Making :

Six C's of Decision Making C ompare alternatives that meet the requirements. C onsider the " what might go wrong " factor with each alternative. C ommit to a decision and follow through with it.

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