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Introduction to Discipleship:

Introduction to Discipleship 1. Who Can Be a Disciple? 2. Why is Discipleship Important? 3. What is Discipleship? 4. What Process is Involved?

Who Can Be a Disciple?:

Who Can Be a Disciple? To be a disciple of Jesus, you must first be a believer. The first step to discipleship is being saved. Every believer is supposed to be a disciple No such thing as 'super Christians'. See Matthew 28:16-20

Why is Discipleship Important?:

Why is Discipleship Important? Why do so many Christians fail to live up to Christ's standards? The answer is... they are not really Christ's disciples. They have not been taught Christ's teachings They have not been taught how to follow Christ's teachings Jesus is not the Lord of their life

Why Important continued...:

Why Important continued... Christ did not come to earth, suffer, be ridiculed, die a painful death and suffer the consequences of our sins so that we could sit on a pew for an hour each Sunday We were meant to be both saved from sin and saved for service to God

So... What is Discipleship?:

So... What is Discipleship? Christian discipleship is the transformational process that turns a believer into the person God wants them to be. The believer, with the help of the Holy Spirit: learns Christ's teachings, applies them to their life and then follows them For more:

What is the Process Involved?:

What is the Process Involved? Begins with believer's desire to want to be a disciple Pray for help, let God know you want to obey His will for you, seek help from the Holy Spirit You must let Christ be the Lord of your life. Matthew 11:30 “My yoke is easy...”

The Journey of 1000 Miles...:

The Journey of 1000 Miles... As a non-believer you were probably raised with a worldview that was non or even anti-Christian You also have to identify any of your beliefs that do not line up with Christ's teachings Replace them with a worldview founded on Christ's teachings

The Teachings of Jesus Christ:

The Teachings of Jesus Christ Start with the Gospels, split them up into small groups Make the teachings your own, desire to follow them and ask for the Holy Spirit to help you follow them Memorize the passages of Scripture that contain the teachings you are trying to learn Pray about them

Take Up Your Cross...:

Take Up Your Cross... ... and follow Him! Obedience is the most important part of discipleship. If you learn but don't follow you are not a disciple If you make mistakes or fail don't worry, keep trying until you get it When you are comfortable with a set of teachings, move onto the next group

Spiritual Disciplines as a Tool:

Spiritual Disciplines as a Tool Following Christ's teachings is a lot harder than learning them One tool Christians have always used are commonly called the spiritual disciplines of silence, solitude, fasting, prayer, study and service These disciplines help train you with the help of the Holy Spirit to do what you normally could not

Value of Community:

Value of Community You were not meant to be a 'lone Ranger' Christian You are meant to live and grow in a community of believers A community of mature believers can help you learn and obey Christ's teachings Small groups and personal mentors are also effective

More About Spiritual Disciplines:

More About Spiritual Disciplines These are not required, they are just tools they can help you Many instances of them in Scripture, see how others have used them For more info:


Conclusion Discipleship is the calling of every believer Learn Christ's teachings Be transformed by them Follow them! ... and then teach others to be disciples as well God is calling you to transform the world one person at a time, start now!

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