CF Review and Processing Process Flow


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CF Review and Processing Process Flow:

CF Review and Processing Process Flow 1.The participants are group into CF processing teams composed of the processor(MARO), encoder/ documentor . 2. The teams will get their CFs for processing from the provincial CF controller. 3. After processing it will be saved (USB) and submitted to the provincial CF monitor for consolidation. 4. The processed CF will be submitted back to the Provincial CF controller with post-it for the remarks.

CF Processing:

CF Processing First round The facilitator will step by step follow the system simultaneous with the teams. They will not proceed to the next step unless everybody were clarified on the present step discussed. Second round They can proceed on their own Note : Everybody will first processed all the CFs of one municipality before proceeding to another municipality to get the Municipal picture.

Preparation of summary report:

Preparation of summary report The facilitator will present in plenary the summary of output of the CFs processed. And present the most issues PINCs encountered while processing.

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