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Maximize Your Assets ™

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Play presentation About PSV & CAGC Courses The Recognition Difference

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About &

To be a Professional Supervisor:

To be a Professional Supervisor r equires super VISION

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The ability to see past the obvious Utilize Practical Knowledge Anticipate & Visualize what is possible super VISION requires

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Maximized productivity and profit Improved safety Enchanced Quality Developed Relationships And . . . Become better managers of the construction process!

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Carolinas AGC’s construction field supervisor training program, Project Super VISION ™ , is the only recognition program of its kind in the nation!

is . . . :

the premier construction industry association in the Carolinas is . . . The largest chapter of the Associated General Contractors made up of members dedicated to high standards of professional and ethical practices providing the principal services of membership representation information, collection and dissemination member development, education and training, as well as serving as a forum for the exchange of ideas

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Our efforts will enhance the quality and the product of construction services. For more information visit

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Curriculum is based on recommendations from several hundred AGC member companies Core Courses apply to supervisors of commercial building, heavy highway, utility and specialty construction What supervisors need to know to be successful, confident managers of the construction process Courses

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fundamental competency skills emphasize the importance of professionalism Professional Construction Supervisor Course PCS

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Teaches the construction supervisor how to engage people in taking personal responsibility for safety Students may qualify for OSHA 30-hour card Total Safety Performance Course TSP

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“How-to” course on understanding planning and scheduling Incorporates up-to-date scheduling technology Effective Pre-Planning & Project Scheduling Course EPS

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Examines the relationship between what effects cost, and how to control them Techniques for improving productivity & work methods Cost Control & Productivity Improvement Course CCP

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Realistic Human Relations issues as related to construction projects Includes Team Building, Project Environment, Laws, Regulations & Policies The Human Side of Project Success Course HS

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W idely acclaimed as the best in-depth program for field supervisors anywhere in the U.S.

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60+ hour, live-in program Small groups, hands-on assignments and team building exercises PSV Academy increase understanding of how to impact a construction project’s bottom line

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The Recognition Advantage

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A formalized Recognition Process for Supervisors who develop their competencies through a combination of: on the job training and experience formal education specialized continuing education and who are energetic leaders and role models PSV Recognition

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The Tools to learn, grow, and manage your career Affiliate yourself with the Carolina’s leading Construction Association Set yourself APART

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Recognition Advancement Progress is based on: Years of Construction Supervisory Experience Successful Completion of Project Super VISION Courses Additional Education & Training Competency Evaluations

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Recognition Advancement

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Recognition Advancement Level 1 Construction Supervisor

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Recognition Advancement Level 2 Professional Construction Supervisor

Slide 38:

Recognition Advancement Level 3 Professional Construction Supervisor (Senior)

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Recognition Advancement Level 4 Professional Construction Supervisor (Master)

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Set yourself APART

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Randy’s testimonial on under utilization of workforce

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