Hallway Expectations

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PBIS presents :

PBIS presents Hallway Expectations

Be Respectful:

Be Respectful Use appropriate language

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Almost, I need to ask Ms. Whiteman about a couple of problems. Hey did you get your math homework done last night?

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Stay the $#*& out of my locker!

Be Respectful:

Be Respectful Follow staff directions

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You guys should get moving to class. The bell is going to ring soon. O.K. Thanks, Mrs. Snyder

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You guys need to get to class. You are already tardy. Yeah, whatever. We will get there when we get there.

Be Responsible:

Be Responsible Keep lockers clean

Be Responsible:

Be Responsible Keep floors and wall free of debris

Be Safe:

Be Safe Keep body/objects to yourself

Be Safe:

Be Safe Move to your destination


Failure to meet expectations in the classroom may result in Verbal reprimand Behavior log entry Detention Sent to the office In school suspension Consequences

Meeting Expectations:

Meeting Expectations When you follow the PBIS expectations you may receive Orange Tickets Monthly Incentives Semester Incentives The peace of mind of knowing that you are a good person

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