Things to know before buying a car


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Get some valuable tips before you buy a car. Which car to buy old car or new one, petrol model against diesel model. Read this document and make your self tech savy.


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BUYING A NEW CAR Make a note of these key points.

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NEW OR OLD • If its your first time and you don’t have expertise in driving with a stringent budget its good to buy an old one rather than screw up with new one • New cars tend to be expensive and with little experience there are high chances that you might spend more on things that are not required • With the old car you will also gain some knowledge of the fuel efficiency metrics of a car and how does it work • Once you are comfortable with the basics of car driving features and know how of an automobile vehicle then you can graduate to a new car

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RESALE VALUE • Automobile market of India is towards the higher side of used cars compared to buying of new cars • Resale value is dependent on various factors such as • Easy availability of spare parts • Easy availability of services • Brand of the car • Car model popularity

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PETROL OR DIESEL • Fuel option is one of the most debated topic when it comes to buying a car • With CNG now one more option available it has created one more dent in the brain in what to opt for • Generally people who drive very frequently or take it to office every day should go with Diesel or CNG model if available • Diesel or CNG model cars are less expensive compared to petrol • When it comes to maintenance and service diesel seems to empty your pockets there • Kind of ambiguous opinion but if I had to make a choice I’ll go for diesel based model

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