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Feature and control panel demo

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Chat sessions: Monitor who wants to chat in real time. View quick info on the user.

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Operator chat window: Geo-location, Quick access to canned messages, View the chat logs, Call for help from another operator, Internal ( Private operator only chat ) & Idle detection.

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Geolocation : View a visitors location instantly on a map. Tailor your responses based on their location.

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Control & Quick access: Control the system with a single click, Customise the chat, Install your live chat buttons, Monitor your visitors in real-time, View stats , Change SSL settings + Much Much more

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Installing the live chat software button: Visit or click login. Enter your username and password then click Login Now

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Installing the live chat software button: Once logged in, Click “My website code” This is where you choose your button designs to place on your website / e-store.

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Installing the live chat software button: For this demo, Click “Clickable Button” Then click “Get code” Clickable buttons are simple “Online and Offline” buttons that your users click to chat.

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Installing the live chat software button: Choose a button style you like. There are plenty to choose from, If you don't like any, Simply select the UPLOAD option at the top of the page. Once uploaded, Click “HTML Code” next to your custom button.

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Installing the live chat software button: Now, Copy the highlighted code and paste it into you own websites HTML wherever you want your button to appear. If your webhost doesn't allow scripting ( geocities or alike ) click “Show troubleshooting info” to get extra code for “free hosting” providers.

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Your first live chat!: Before you can receive live chat requests, You must “Go Online” This will change your website button to “Online” and users can now click it to talk to you.

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Your first live chat!: Now your ready to chat, Simply click the “Button” on your website and enter a test username and click Login. Once done, A new session will appear in your admin console. Click “Open Chat” to start chatting to that user.

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Welcome to the world of increased sales and customer satisfaction! If you have any questions, Please visit and click support Or email us :

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