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Chimpanzees : 

Chimpanzees Chimpanzees are part of the ape family and are omnivores, which means they eat fruit and meat. Chimpanzees are the closet living relative to humans. Hi!!!!!!

Habitat : 

Habitat Chimpanzees are found in 21 African countries. These countries include Uganda and Tanzania which are in Eastern Africa. They live in rain Forests and also near the savannah (grass lands).

Characteristics : 

Characteristics Chimpanzees have a short body covered with black hair. Chimpanzees Have very long arms they use their arms for swinging and climbing . A male Chimp can measure up to 1.7 metres and a female chimp up to 1.3 metres. They can weigh between 45kg and 80kg which is the same weight as a young teenager up to a grown mans weight.

DIET! : 

DIET! Chimpanzees eat insects leaves, fruit and plant stems. Sometimes chimpanzees eat meat. Chimpanzees get their food by using sticks and their very long arms. Where's the food?

Behaviour : 

Behaviour Chimpanzees live in small stable groups called communities or unit groups made up of about 40-60 individuals. Smaller subgroups of 6-7 chimps stay together for a while. hi

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Hello again

Ending : 

Ending Chimpanzees have learned to use everyday items like stones and sticks, as tools to help them perform learning tasks on their own . They did not copy the humans. By William

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By William Thank you for watching

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