Lyndon Barends: Top Reasons to Consider Career in Social Work


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Lyndon Barends will tell you about what is social work, what people think about a social worker, how many types is social work, so here are able ten most of the best quotes about a social worker by Lyndon Barends. For more detailed information about Lyndon Barends so, visit on here:


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Lyndon Barends : Ten Reasons to Consider Career in Social Work Lyndon Barends is asking are you considering a career in social work but not sure if it’s the right for you. So, Lyndon Barends says there are many reasons people choose the social work career. We've compiled our top ten reasons below:


1 - You like working with people. Social workers are almost always interested in helping people, either individually or on a big picture level . 2 - You or a like one has been helped with a social worker in the past, so you became interested in their work . 3 - You or a loved one has experienced a hardship such as addiction or abuse and you would like to help others overcome similar challenges . 4 - You have an interest in a field commonly addressed by social workers such as poverty, mental health, or community organizing . 5 - You would like to work in a certain environment, such as a hospital or a school, but you are more interested in providing clinical or case management services than healthcare or education.


6 - You have a strong interest in working with a certain population such as children, the mentally ill or older adults . 7 - You enjoy volunteer work and making a difference and are interested in extending your passion into a career in non-profit management, program development, or direct social services . 8 - You enjoy working in a fast-paced environment addressing crisis situations while managing a large number of tasks . 9 - You are interested in a flexible career in an ever-changing field allowing you to work in different settings, each with their own goals and challenges, but with a shared purpose of serving the common good . 10 - You want to have a career focused on helping people and making the world a better place.


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