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Arctic Animals:

Arctic Animals By Teagan

The Snowy Owl:

The Snowy Owl The snowy owls are flying around the U.S.A.

The Arctic Fox :

The Arctic Fox The arctic fox lives in the Arctic Tundra. The fox will eat a musk ox.

The Polar Bear:

The Polar Bear The largest male polar bear is 11 feet.

The Puffin:

The Puffin Some puffins have white bellies, but some have black.

The Caribou:

The Caribou The caribou has big antlers and they are like deer.

The Musk Ox:

The Musk Ox The male musk oxen bump heads for a female.

The Moose:

The Moose The moose has a long nose. It looks like it has a beard.

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