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Arctic Animals:

Arctic Animals By Hope


Reindeer Santa has reindeer. Reindeer like carrots. Reindeer are brown.

Polar Bear:

Polar Bear Polar bears are enormous. Polar bears give birth to live babies. Polar bears are mammels.

Arctic Fox:

Arctic Fox Arctic Foxes are very fuzzy. They are mammals. They are one of my favorite animals that live in the Arctic Tundra.


Moose The Moose is big and brown. They look like they are fuzzy and huge. The Moose is one of my favorite animas in the Arctic Tundra.


Caribou I think that the Caribou is brown and fluffy. The Caribou is very big. The Caribou looks like it has a beard.


Narwhal I know that the Narwhal looks like it is a giant unicorn but it’s a tooth. Then Narwhal like to fight. I also know that the Narwhal is very big.

Harp seal:

Harp seal The Harp Seal is very cute and it looks sweet. Harp Seals are also very is very big. I also know that it is white.

Musk Oxen:

Musk Oxen The Musk Oxen like to eat moss and are herbivores. The Musk Oxen travel in herds because they don’t want to travel alone. Musk Oxen are very big.


Orca The Orca is a whale but looks like a Killer Whale. The Orca also looks like a dolphin. Orca’s are also very pretty to me.

Snowy Owl:

Snowy Owl The Snowy Owl is coming down lower into North America for their food which is lemmings. Also the Snowy Owl lives in the North Pole. Snowy Owls are white to help the blend in with the snow.


Walrus I know that the Walrus has tusks. I also know that the Walrus has blubber. I also know that the Walrus is very big.

Dall Sheep:

Dall Sheep I know that the Dall Sheep has things on its head called horns. I also know that the Dall Sheep ilives in the North Pole. I also know that the Dall Sheep is white to blend in with its surroundings.


Puffin The Puffin looks like a Penguin but the Puffin can fly and the Penguin can not fly. The Puffin has a beak. Also the Puffin has webbed feet.

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