Arctic Animals Tristin

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Arctic Animals:

Arctic Animals By Tristin


Narwhal Narwhals have big spiky horns.


Puffin Puffins can fly and dive very long under water.


Seal Some baby seals are long.


Walrus Walrus have big teeth and they eat clams.

Polar bear:

Polar bear Polar bears are nine feet tall when they stand up!


Moose Moose have long antlers and eat grass.


Reindeer Reindeer are fuzzy and live in the North Pole.

Musk Ox:

Musk Ox The musk ox is a plant eater and it has sharp horns.

Harp Seal:

Harp Seal A harp seal has a lot of blubber even when it’s a baby.


Orca The orca whale is about 33ft.Orca whales are meat eaters.

Snowy Owl:

Snowy Owl The snowy owl is very fuzzy. The snowy owl has a sharp beak.

Dall Sheep:

Dall Sheep The dall sheep have bendy horns. For the dall sheep horns to grow it takes 8 years to grow.

Arctic fox:

Arctic fox The arctic fox blends into the snow. The arctic fox lives in the arctic.

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