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Welcome to World History Ms. Williams Room 209


Your Teacher Born Louisiana Alexandria Raised Miami Fl. (#305) University of Florida “IF YOU AINT A GATOR YOURE GATOR BAIT” No Children…but my little brother and nephew are the loves of my life

Teaching Philosophy:

Teaching Philosophy High expectations + high quality teaching= High School ready students You will follow high expectations I will provide high quality teaching Together you will become High School Ready…. And essentially, college and career readiness


Course Description This course is designed to build on students’ prior knowledge and skill sets in the application of geographic information and tools to understand complex relations between the physical environment and human existence. While focusing on each part of the world, students are able to recognize characteristics distinguishing regions in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Each regional study encompasses an in-depth study of the physical geography, culture, economy, government, and social dynamics defining the land and people. An historical element is intertwined into the regional studies, as an investigation of the earliest civilizations demonstrates how and why people migrated to different locations, and how the people in these places survived and advanced with available resources.


Classroom Expectations Be Respectful Be Responsible Follow direction when given Be prepared to learn

Question to ponder:

Question to ponder What is an expectation? What is a responsibility?

Classroom Consequences:

Classroom Consequences 1. Warning and phone call home 2. Write up and phone call home 3. Mandatory behavioral essay and phone call home 4. Mandatory meeting with student and grade level team 5. Mandatory meeting with parent REFERRAL


Materials What you will need to bring to class: Pencils only 2 composition notebooks An agenda/calendar 3 prong folder with pockets Hand held pencil sharpener An appropriate book of choice

What the classroom will need:

What the classroom will need Tissue Hand sanitizer Copy paper Construction paper Pencils Erasers


Grading Policy What is My Grade? 90% - 100% = A 80% - 89% = B 70% - 79% = C 60% - 69% = D 59% or lower = F NO EXTRA CREDIT What kinds of grades will we have ? Homework Weekly Quizzes Tests and Projects Participation Grade


Entering the classroom Walk in quietly in a single file line No pushing, loud talking, or skipping the line Walk in and turn left to pick up notebooks, sharpen pencils, or grab a book from the class library Then walk to your seat and begin work


Bell Ringer Every day you will have an assignment on the board to be completed. You have 5 mins to complete it. Come in and begin work IMMEDIATELY These assignments will be graded


Late Work I will accept NO LATE WORK unless in the case of an absence


Absences and Make-Ups Work is turned in the following day (unless told otherwise) You may pick up any absent work out the absent folder when you enter the room Missed notes can be received from our class secretary IT IS YOUR RESPONIBILITY TO MAKE UP THE WORK AND NOTES YOU MISSED


Exiting the classroom Material managers will collect all notebook and materials at desks I will dismiss by tables When the table is called line up quietly at the door

Excuses are not accepted :

Excuses are not accepted Excuses are tools of incompetence , that lead to monuments of nothingness , those who specialize in them seldom do well in anything else

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