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The World Wide Web Using and Protecting it By: Stefanie Fantetti

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The “meat puppet” is a fictional person that is used by companies and passes as an actual human being online. Hackers are finding new ways to tap into private online pages to reveal personal information. The minute a company takes their eye off their website, loop holes are formed and information is leaked. The Effects of Hackers

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Many laws have been passed to protect children and companies are continuing to break them. Companies are getting sued and fined for going against these child privacy laws. Companies are obtaining personal information from children and allowing underage kids to sign up for websites before getting parental consent. Child Privacy Laws

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There are many controversies surrounding online, promotional contests by companies. Chevy Tahoe and many other companies experimented with this consumer created advertising to bring attention to their websites. While some worked, many people are still wary if putting the power in the hands of the customers is really the best idea. The internet gives such freedom to companies and consumers that almost anything is possible. Contests Online

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