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Running a 5k:

Running a 5k A six-week plan Leeann Swigart, EDSC 304

CA Content Standards:

CA Content Standards Students achieve a level of physical fitness for health and performance while demonstrating knowledge of fitness concepts, principles, and strategies needed to perform a variety of activities. Develop and implement a one-month personal physical fitness plan. Examine the physical, emotional, cognitive, and scientific factors that affect performance and explain the relationship between those factors. Use physical fitness test results to set and adjust goals to improve fitness. Identify and evaluate personal psychological responses to physical activity. Describe the enjoyment, self-expression, challenge, and social benefits experienced by achieving one’s best in physical activities. Develop personal goals to improve one’s performance in physical activities .

Big Ideas/Unit Goals and 21st Century Skills:

Big Ideas/Unit Goals and 21 st Century Skills Big Ideas/Unit Goals: Is runner’s high real? How does being physically active every day help build my self- confidence? Is running more mentally challenging or physically challenging? 21 st Century Goals: Students will use the internet to sign up for the Dana Point Turkey Trot Students will use heart rate monitors linked to ipads to monitor exertion levels Students will sign up for My Fitness Pal App to record daily nutrition

Student Learning Objectives and Assessments:

Student Learning Objectives and Assessments Learning Objectives: Students will be able to determine their current fitness level by running a mile time trial Students will be able to record and monitor their heart rate zones using a heart rate monitor Students will record their daily food intake to determine their total calories and nutrients Assessments: Entry-level: discussions about training, proper gear, fueling and pace strategy Formative: weekly journal of activity and food Summative: complete 5k race, race report detailing experience

Two Different Learning Activities::

Two Different Learning Activities: Students will partner up and alternate running one lap while the other students records and recovers from running his/her lap with the emphasis on consistent pacing. Students will wear a heart rate monitor and run at progressive paces in order to evaluate what different heart rate zones feel like. Based on their findings, they will learn how to run at perceived effort for the appropriate zones without relying on a heart rate monitor.

Why I Chose This Topic::

Why I Chose This Topic: I chose this topic because I believe that running is a great activity for all levels. It requires minimal gear and can be done almost anywhere. It can be both social or individual and competitive or recreational. I think students can benefit from being outdoors and getting in touch with nature. I chose the 5k distance because even though it is challenging, most students will be able to reach their goal of finishing and feel accomplished. Run training is an excellent opportunity to introduce applied technology to students such as sensors, internet resources, pace calculators and GPS navigation. Lastly, I chose this topic because running is a healthy activity that can last a lifetime.

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