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All the Real Leather Jacket are custom-made by us with special personal attention given to each piece. Shop for leather jacket online at best prices in the USA. Choose from our exclusive range of designer wear by visiting


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Real Leather Jackets – 100 Genuine Leather Jackets Leather is one of the foremost liked material. Almost everybody loves it and wants to own a minimum of one thing made out of it. But many fake people sell faux leather instead of real leather and it is most difficult to find original leather from the faux leather. Real Leather Made Of Real leather is not unnaturally fashioned and is made from animal skin. The genuine leather does not have a mix of any synthetic leather or faux leather but the majority of the leather jackets are made with a combination of other materials that do not last long. Cost Of A Real Leather Jacket Real leather jackets have the best quality leather in them and most of the time is expensive. The price varies from brand to brand. Anyone who wants to experience the best feeling while wearing a leather jacket is always recommended to buy real leather jackets. How Can You Tell If A Jacket Is A Real Leather When it is time to select the real leather both fake leather jackets and genuine leather look almost the same. It will be a tough time to judge the genuineness of artificial and genuine leather jackets. Only on closer observation one can know the authenticity of the real leather jackets with its natural look pores on the leather jacket and rough edge whereas artificial leather has a perfect smooth advantage with a plastic feel. There are a few other qualities that can be handy to judge the genuineness of the real leather. A few tips that you can keep in mind next time when you are in leather shopping. 1. The Water Drop Test Try with the water drop test put a drop of water on the real leather it will get absorbed into it within seconds. The water goes in the pores and puff But whereas the fake leather will make a puddle over there and make a mess. Since it is false the leather doesn’t have the quality of absorbing and thus it is straightforward to tell the difference. 2. Surface The surface of real or genuine leather is entirely different from the fake leather. But you cannot find the difference until you have a close look. The real leather which is made from animal skin has a specific pattern and always vary from leather to leather. It also has cracks and patches which is a good sign.

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But the fake leather will make an effort to have this but finally it will end up with having a proper pattern and everything which feels like it is made. 3. Smell The smell of real leather is musty and well. But the faux leather smells like plastic. If you don’t have any idea to differentiate between these smells then you can go to an excellent showroom where they sell real leather and smell it. And then check and smell of synthetic leather. You can have a clear idea and will realize the smell and next time when you go for leather shopping it will be easier to make and pick the right Genuine Leather. 4. Bending When you bend a leather if it is real leather then it changes a little colour because of that stretched skin. On the other hand the fake leather is well challenging to bend in the first place and neither it changes the colour nor it will stretch out. 5. Wrinkling Do you ever notice how your skin wrinkles when you pinch it or press Well the animal skin is also similar it is no exception either. Next time try pinching and pressing the leather observe small wrinkles on the surface of real leather but if it is faux leather it doesn’t. So next time when you go to buy Real Leather Jackets then keep in mind all the points given above and get 100 genuine leather jacket. Have a great shopping have fun

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