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Environmental Sustainability: The Greening of NYU: 

Environmental Sustainability: The Greening of NYU Michael C. Alfano Executive Vice President

The Greening of NYU: 

The Greening of NYU Why “green” the University? Engaging the University community Making an investment in renewable energy An important plan to generate clean energy An evolution in construction practices Next steps…

Why green NYU?: 

Why green NYU? Better for our campus Better for our health Better for society Better for our independence Better for our budget Better for New York City Better for our program: ESP launch

Engaging the NYU Community: 

Engaging the NYU Community Environmental Sustainability Task Force Lynne Brown and Alison Leary - Co-Chairs FSC, AMC, SSC & DC membership Interested faculty members and students Representatives from key groups: e.g. Environmental Studies Program Faculty e.g. Green Arch Initiative Appropriate consultants

Engaging the NYU Community: 

Engaging the NYU Community Environmental Sustainability Task Force Conduct a comprehensive assessment of NYU’s environmental sustainability efforts; Recommend a prioritized plan - Green Action Plan - to improve NYU’s environmental footprint and save energy; Engage faculty, students and administrators in securing the successful implementation of the plan; Develop a method to award funds for research and demonstration programs in environmental sustainability Funding Year 1: $250,000

Engaging the NYU Community: 

Engaging the NYU Community

Renewable energy investment: 

Renewable energy investment NYU will purchase renewable energy credits equal to our entire annual purchase of electricity from Con Edison. This will make NYU the largest purchaser of wind credits of any university in the USA

Renewable energy investment: 

Renewable energy investment MWh(REC’s) Cogen 1. New York University 118,000 Yes University of Pennsylvania 112,000 Duke University 54,075 Northwestern University 40,000 Yes Western Washington University 35,000 University of Central Oklahoma 26,000 University of Utah 25,000 Syracuse University 22,000 Yes University of Washington 18,624 Yes City University of New York 18,400 Pennsylvania State University 17,600 Yes

Plan to generate clean energy: 

Plan to generate clean energy One of the most environmentally friendly forms of energy generation is co-generation. NYU has maintained a co-generation facility for decades, but it has outlived its useful life, and needs to be retired by 2008 University administration will recommend a major investment in co-gen that will expand the generation of clean, efficient energy, reduce costs and make NYU largely independent of Con-Ed.

Gas powered co-gen unit: 

Gas powered co-gen unit

Evolving campus construction: 

Evolving campus construction Revised business unit formed called Strategic Assessment, Planning and Design Lori Mazor to lead the Planning and Design component as AVP Develop a Strategic Plan for our campus Together with SVP Brown and VP Alicia Hurley will engage the community in a collaborative manner Joined the US Green Building Council

Evolving construction practices: 

Evolving construction practices

Next steps…..: 

Next steps….. Need a rep. from each of the four Councils to the “Green Action Plan” (GAP) Task Force Ask all Councils to engage constituents in developing ideas on a sustainable campus and implementing proven strategies After you leave today, do something good for the environment in your office, dorm, or home

Thank You!: 

Thank You!

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