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The Throne:

Toltecas y Epiclásico Karla Melgar Daniel Soto Ana Karen Soto Denisse Méndez Jacqueline Maldonado (650 D.C. - 1200 D.C.)

The Throne:

Cajete nicoya policromo This tripod bowl was found in Tula but it comes from Costa Rica or Nicaragua. This show us the economic and ideological connection that the toltecas had and perform in different places from Central America.

The Throne:

Stele II Epiclassic (650-900 a. d .) It’s a representation of Quetzalcoatl which associates the top with the symbol of “Four Movement” while in the lower section you can appreciate a heart with three blood drops.At the side there is an ocelote related to the underworld and from it’s mouth it can be seen a bifid tongue that falls over a corncob crossed by an arrow.

The Throne:

The Throne The Bicefalo throne. Two heads of snake with feline attributes in opposite directions. Both have biffid tongues. Probably this stone worked as a throne for the Tolteca’s royalty. I t also could have been a stone used in sacrifices.

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