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5 Common Tips to Taking Care of Your Inverter Battery Earlier people used to make use of generators for the electricity backup. But with the emergence of technology there are several different sources of electricity backup and one such most commonly used source is an inverter. The inverter is a device that has to be installed with your main power and the device is run via inverter battery that offers electricity backup to all appliances. Just like any other appliance inverters also require a lot of maintenance to be done and when it comes to the inverters batteries mainly require maintenance. Many people have a myth in their mind that battery maintenance means filling up batteries with the distilled water. Before you buy an inverter with battery make sure to read the tips for taking care of the batteries. Also Know: 4 Tips to Increase Life of Inverter Battery

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Here are some of the effective tips that would help you to take better care of the inverter batteries:

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i The best place for keeping an inverter in the house: Because inverter is the main source of power in your house when electricity cuts down it produces a lot of heat when working. So there is a need to make sure that you keep your inverter as well as the battery in a well-ventilated area so that moisture cannot get through.

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ii Checking the water level of an inverter battery: When buying a battery for inverter it is always advised to check the level of water of an inverter battery after every 2 months. Make sure to make use of distilled water for topping up an inverter battery. Many people consider rain water good for the maintenance of an inverter battery which is not at all true because of the impurities that can ruin the life of batteries.

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iii Keeping terminals of battery free from corrosion: Did your inverter battery terminals get corrosion If yes then there is an easy way to get rid of that corrosion. You simply need to pour hot water and baking soda on the corrosive area and clean it with the help of tooth brush. After the terminals get free from corrosion just apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly on the terminals and it would help you to stay away from further corrosion.

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iv Use inverter battery on a regular basis: No matter if there is any power cut or not it is important to make use of the battery on a regular basis. To do so discharge the battery once in a month and then charge it again. Doing so would keep your battery durable and maintained.

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v Replacing the inverter battery: To know whether your battery is well-maintained or not you need to inspect your battery on the regular basis. Inspecting an inverter battery on the regular basis would help you in detecting if the battery is about to get damaged or already damaged. Before the battery gets damaged make sure to get in touch with an electrician for replacing the battery at the right time. Also Know: 6 Things You Must Know About Inverter Battery Whether you buy an inverter+battery online or from a store make sure to remember the useful tips discussed above for taking care of an inverter battery. Content Source: luminouseshop

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