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Company Logo:

Company Logo The design process (logo created on Photoshop CS4)

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Step 1: Creating the Background For the background I decided to go for a radial gradient of grey to black. I choose these colours so that the audience looking at the logo wouldn’t be drawn straight to the background but to the text itself. I also used these colours to give it a professional look. Step 2: Adding the Text For the text we decided to name ourselves StemProductions . We used stem to give the company a more personal feel as each letter is our last names. The font being used is ‘Code’ and I choose this font as it gives the text a crisp and professional look to it.

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Step 3: Adding colour and effects For the colouring, I added a green colour and outer glow to the ‘Stem’. I did this as it makes that word stick out against the rest and also represents nature which is new and unique, which we want our company to be like. The ‘Productions’ I kept white as it is a strong contrast to the black background making it more eye catching. Step 4: Adding detail I underlined the ‘ StemProductions ’ to give it a more formal and professional look. I also used a gradient from green to white so it blends in and matches the text. A white outer glow was also applied to make it more eye catching towards the audience.

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Step 5: More effects I made a reflection of the text ‘Stem Productions’ to draw the audiences attention to the logo and make it more interesting to look at. Step 6: Making it look more unique I added a stem sprouting from the word ‘Stem’ to make the logo look more unique and not so bland. The use of a stem is also relevant to the name of the production company. I added a green outer glow to it as well so it matches the word ‘Stem’ and makes it stand out more.

What is good about the logo?:

What is good about the logo? The use of the word stem helps promote the company as an organic, fresh and new production company. It also shows that we grew from our own roots and will blossom into a productive and successful company. The use of a limited amount of colours makes it possible to change the colours to fit a specific movie like warner brothers do with such films as Harry Potter. The makes the logo more versatile and representative of the film and the company. The logo is very crisp and easy to read. The contrasting colours also m akes it stand out against other logos and the unique stem makes it e asier to recognise and remember.

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