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Stranded Film Concept The film we are making is based around a man who is trapped inside of his own idea of what is happening around him. Due to the state of his life he has driven himself to believing he is stranded on an island when in reality he is just living on a beach. The film will show his life as it is now and what things in the past have driven him to this point. Films That Have I nspired Us Cast Away – Cast away is the story of the sole survivor of an aeroplane crash on a tropical island. We will use aspects of the wearing down of this characters clothes and mental state to direct how the actor in our film will behave. All Is Lost – All is lost is about a man who’s yacht becomes damaged when out at sea. The film is mostly silent and has excellent use of camera work to simulate urgency which we will use in our film. Oblivion – Oblivion portrays a similar idea of a man being trapped inside of what he perceives to be his life and purpose. Which turns out to be artificial.


Narrative We will be using a three part narrative for our film. The first part of the story will involve the characters reaction upon finding himself on the “island”. It will show him in a panicky state and struggling to survive. Here we will set the scene to show the audience the situation he has found himself in and fool them into believing it. The next part of the narrative will focus on the emotional and mental impact the situation is having on him. He is dwelling on things that have gone wrong in the past with each struggling aspect of his survival triggering a flashback to what lead him to where he is. He begins to crave social interaction going as far as to draw faces wherever he can. The last part of our narrative will show the long term effects of the “island” on him. It will show everything he has tried and failed. He has accepted that he is stuck and has almost given up. This is when the illusion will be broken for both the audience and him as he is woken up by someone asking if he is okay. The camera will pan and all will be revealed that he was never on an island at all. The larger part of this narrative is greatly inspired by Cast Away. This is the characters initial response upon being stranded Here we see him coming to terms with his situation Here we see the long term effects it has had on him


Costume / Props Costume Our actor will be dressed in a shirt and tie and at first it will be unknown to the audience as to why. But it will be revealed later that after being rejected in a job interview it was the final thing that drove him over the edge and led him to being on the beach. Over the three parts of the narrative his clothes will get more and more worn down. Our character will find a washed up package on the beach where he will get some chalk. Later on in the film he will use this to start drawing faces on the rocks and objects around him. In his bag he will have his packed lunch, a bottle of water and a notepad and pen.


Audience profile Age group We are aiming to rate the film at 12a and we have come to this conclusion based on the ratings of other similar films like Cast Away (12) and Oblivion (12a). The age group we aim to attract though is 16+ due to the more complex themes of the film. Gender The film will be directed towards a male and female audience who enjoy drama and comedy as well as films with twists and turns. Location It will be a British independent film mainly targeted at people from the UK due to limited distribution.


CHARACTERS Main character- Jim Barnes We follow Jim Barnes’ story throughout the short film as he is deserted on an island. This is the hero in our story or he can even be seen as the victim in Propp’s theory due to his unfortunate circumstances. During which we see his back story through flash backs and find out why he has become so lonely. Jim Barnes is a broken man when we find him both physically and psychologically. We will see if he can make it off the island… Side character- Filipino Filipino has a very short role in the film where he simply helps Jimmy out. Referring to Propp’s theory- Filipino can be seen as the (magical) helper who helps the hero in his quest.


SETTING/LOCATION We will be filming our scenes on the beaches of Saltburn to represent the island he is marooned on, therefore our camera skills and editing will be challenged to make sure the audience never see the mainland in our shots and make it feel like a deserted island. Also we’ll be filming in a house where we show Jim’s backstory and how he came to be a washed up wreck. In the house scenes we will be showing Jim’s downfall by highlighting his firing from his job and then him getting kicked out of his house.


LIGHTING We are going to use lighting for effect in our short film by making the flash back scenes black and white to show his descent into madness whilst also making the present scenes look dreary by using low key lighting. We will make the lighting especially dark around Jim as he seems to be the one with awful luck and when his story is resolved we will use high key lighting to tell the audience Jim is doing better. During the course of the short film as the story progresses in both the flashbacks and present day the lighting will fade and get darker to show the down spiral of his time on the island and the events leading up to that point.


THEMES The themes we are going to include are: loneliness- Our main character is all on his own and we see him miserable and sad. depressed- We see the main character depressed because he has been marooned on an island. drama- The main drama of the movie is him trying to survive the island. schadenfreude- the audience is going to find Jim's suffering hilarious. slapstick comedy- This is going to make the audience laugh by making Jim act very stupidly. existentialism- The twist at the end will be that he has always been on mainland and it was all in his head.


Sound In the first part of our narrative the music will be quiet as to not distract from the situation our character finds himself in. The music will be piano and sad in order to depress the audience. As he begins to try and hunt and make fire on the beach the music will become more upbeat in order to stick with the slapstick theme. When he isn't thinking about his situation it is less depressing and so the music will reflect this. Towards the end the music and audio will become more distorted in order to reflect his mental and physical decay. The film will be mostly silent in t erms of dialogue due to the fact that he is on his own. This challenges our audio skills as through the music we will have to portray as much emotion as an actors voice would. Here is an example of a film that uses music to portray emotion effectively

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