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“side by side in education” (R.E.A.L.) : 

“side by side in education” (R.E.A.L.) ACTIVITIES 2008-2009 CEIP José Mª.Campo.Sevilla


SEPTEMBER-08 Main group Comenius 1st. Meeting: General lines 2008-2009 Project Introduction to: STAFF, EOE, CEP, AMPA.

OCTOBER - 08 : 

OCTOBER - 08 1st MEETING with CEP: Technical assessment LOGO competition. JURY to select 10-12 LOGOS for Venice. Pupils Questionnaires.

OCTOBER - 08 : 

OCTOBER - 08 MEETING in Italy: Preparations CORRESPONDANCE with Hungary INTERACTION: first Activities(Kinder-Primary)

Logo competition : 

Logo competition Children from 3 to 12 participates Also disabled children

NOVEMBER - 08 : 

NOVEMBER - 08 MEETING IN VENICE: gifts, logos, questionnaires, digital newsletter, blogs, wiki, visits to school, expositions, Venice…

DECEMBER - 08 : 

DECEMBER - 08 The Comenius group concurs about the work that needs to be done after Venice. Each country creates its own BLOG and a COMMON blog is created also. Spain posts its first contributions to the blog Each Comenius partner is assigned with 2 spanish groups in order to send and receive questions from them.

Slide 9: 

Christmas cards are received and sent to the partners: WINTER CELEBRATIONS. Exhibition on COMENIUS notice board. Letter to families: make PHOTOS during Christmas time for the newsletter. PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE for our pupils. To WALES…

Slide 10: 

FAMILIES QUESTIONNAIRE is finished (AMPA collaborates). It´s sent to the partners. LOGOS SELECTED for Venice are exhibited in a special place. The rest on kites and corridors


JANUARY-FEBRUARY-09 All answers and photos about winter celebrations are collected. CHILDREN MAKE Power point presentations for the blog.

Slide 12: 

4 groups will compose 1 page each for the newspaper. It´s sent to Wales PARTNERS BLOGS are shown and seen by all pupils. English department organises.

Slide 13: 

Permanent contacts by mail between partners to organise the newspaper and Iceland MEETING. RADIO PROGRAMME to report our Comenius project “Side by side”. FAMILIES QUESTIONNAIRES are collected

Slide 14: 

CORRESPONDENCE with Veszprem goes on and begins with OUistreham. INFORMATIONS about special activities are loaded into our BLOG: Peace day, Andalucía Day….

MARCH-APRIL.-2009 : 

MARCH-APRIL.-2009 TRIP TO VESZPREM: 13 pupils go in May. Meetings with parents. EASTER cards are received from I.C. Gramsci and Botev and displayed on the Comenius board.

Slide 16: 

A little exhibition with graphic materials from PARTNERS IS ORGANISED in a special place of the school. FAMILIES QUESTIONNAIRES are tabulated and loaded into the blog.

Slide 17: 

The school participates in the OAPEE competition: “We are Comenius” to create a Comenius IMAGE to be printed onto a plate INTERACTION outdoor activities in the are organised by the gymnastics department

Slide 18: 

Finally our newsletter appears….

Slide 19: 

COMENIUS GROUP discusses about meeting in Iceland.



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