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Escola Secundaria Alfredo da Silva Ano 2007/2008 Barreiro Guide Curso de Educação e Formação Electricista de Instalações Disciplinas envolvidas: -T.I.C. -Inglês

Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church : 

Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church It’s a church opposite Alfredo da Silva school, in Bento Jesus Caraça square. It was built in 1629, and you can get married and attend mass there.

Luso Futebol Clube : 

Luso Futebol Clube Luso is a public service association. The first building was built on 11th April 1920. Finally in 1948 the club inaugurated the current and imposing headquarters in Henrique Galvão Street, 24 to 30. It has many sports like badminton, football, artistic dance and weightlifting.

Post Office : 

Post Office It’s a place where you can send letters, pay your bills and surf on the internet. It is opposite the park.

Catarina Eufémia Garden : 

Catarina Eufémia Garden It is in the center of Barreiro in Alfredo da Silva avenue, next to the statue of Alfredo da Silva and close to the market.

Association Os penixeiros : 

Association Os penixeiros Statue of Alfredo da Silva

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Main Building

Association Os Penicheiros : 

Association Os Penicheiros Association ‘’Os Penicheiros’’ – Main Building

Swimming Pool : 

Swimming Pool The swimming pool of Barreiro is situated in Praia avenue. There are swimming events and classes every year.


MC DONALD’S It’s a fast food restaurant that came from America where you can eat hamburgers soups and ice-creams … It is on the corner of Miguel Bombarda street and Alfredo da Silva street.

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McDonald´s is a fast food restaurant that sells fast food. It´s also the largest of fast food chain in the world. Today it sells about 190 burgers per second. Its most famous product is the snack known as Big Mac.

Santa Cruz church : 

Santa Cruz church Santa Cruz Church

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Association ‘’Os Franceses’’ – Main Building

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«Os Franceses» Park and Gazeebo

The Town Hall : 

The Town Hall The Town Hall of Barreiro, is the Board that organizes public transport, operations of the city, schools, and welfare of the people, so that we all live well and happy. CÂMARA MUNICIPAL DO BARREIRO

Barreiro City Council : 

Barreiro City Council The City Council of Barreiro is located in José Elias Garcia street. It is open on working days from 9:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 16:30.

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Station is a store located on Miguel Bombarda street in Barreiro, selling clothes, cans of spray and skateboards for the skaters.

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Tunnel The cars go under the railway, and so car drivers do not to wait for the train to be on its way.

Railway : 

Railway Inaugurated in 1861, this building lodged the primitive railway station, when it opened to the public. It keeps the original features as in the date of its construction.

“Sul e Sueste” Station : 

“Sul e Sueste” Station On 4th October 1884 was inaugurated the new «Sul e Sueste» railway and fluvial station, planned by the Engineer Miguel Pais. The terminal station was endowed with an access that made possible a more comfortable overflow of people and merchandise, along the banks of the Tagus.

“Sul e Sueste” Fire Department : 

“Sul e Sueste” Fire Department

“C.P.” Train Repair Center : 

“C.P.” Train Repair Center

Pingo Doce : 

Pingo Doce

Healthcare Centre of Barreiro : 

Healthcare Centre of Barreiro It is a healthcare center where people in Barreiro can be vaccined and seek medical help. It is in Bocage avenue.

The Court : 

The Court The Court is located in Santa Maria avenue.

The Daycare Centre : 

The Daycare Centre The Daycare Center is located in Miguel Bombarda street and it is near Telepizza.

Santa Maria Church : 

Santa Maria Church Santa Maria Church is in Santa Maria square, near the Court.

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Telepizza is a restaurant on Miguel Bombarda street in Barreiro. Telepizza sells pizza, chicken wings, hamburgers, bread with garlic, salads, ice cream and drinks. TELEPIZZA

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This is telepizza ^^

Archeological site of Mata da Machada : 

Archeological site of Mata da Machada In the Discoveries, Barreiro was the place where they made pottery, articles of everyday use and industrial use. They used ovens to cook biscuits to feed the sailors in the ships. Taken from:

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The End

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