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U.S HISTORY Final Project Luisana Landaeta

National Symbols of the United States of America :

National Symbols of the United States of America The Flag K-1 Grades

Anticipatory Set:

Anticipatory Set Asses of general knowledge: What national symbols do you know? What is a flag? Why all countries have flags? Who can describe the flag of the U.S?

Objectives :

Objectives The students would learn what the national Flag stands for. The students are going to be able to identify the symbols in the flag and their meaning. The students are going to learn the colors in the U.S Flag and their meaning. The students would learn when the flag was created and when is the National day of the flag.


Objectives The students will learn the correct behavior when they salute the flag. At the end the students would know the correct and incorrect uses of the Flag.


Input Flag: piece of cloth or fabric that is use to represent a place. Star: Figure with five points Stripe: a long, thine line. State: Parts in which a territory or country is divided in to. Field: An open area. Colonies: Groups of people that travel to a new place an settle there.


Modeling The teacher will start by telling the history of the flag: When and where was created: on June 24, 1777, in Philadelphia. Who create it: A man that was part of the government named Francis Hopkinson. National Flag day : June 14 th .


Modeling The teacher will have a big picture of the flag taped to the board, and two maps of the United States. With the picture of the flag the teacher can began pointing out the symbols and colors of the flag, and what they represent. The teacher can write the meaning of each part of the flag on the board. One map would show the 50 states division The second map would show the original 13 colonies


Modeling Red: courage or brave The 50 states our country is divides in 13 stripes for the first 13 colonies White: purity Blue field: justice, loyalty and faith.


Modeling The maps of the united States would help the kids understand and visualized the states and colonies.


Modeling Correct use of the flag For this part of the lesson the teacher can use a real flag and ask a student to support her. Teach how to display the flag. How to lower the flag How to fold the flag Teach what not to do with the flag


Modeling The salute of the Flag - The teacher can demonstrate the salute and ask the students to stand up and mimic her. - Teach the rules of the salute: How long should it be, what to do if you have a hat or something covering your head.

Guided Practice:

Guided Practice

Guided Practice:

Guided Practice The kids can elaborate their own flag, and place it on their desk for the day.

Independent Practice:

Independent Practice


Assesment The teacher will divide the class in to pairs. Each pair will have to complete a sheet with the parts of the flag and the meaning. Each pair will mimic the act of salute while the teacher observe and correct.




Closure The teacher will do a “Round of Questions” The class would do a circle and the teacher will stand in the middle. Then, the teacher will star to make questions from the lesson and choose a student to answer, if the student doesn’t know it will be the turn of the student next to him to the left, and so on until a student says the right answer.



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