ORCA-Rescue- One of the Best Chargers, Offered By Luigi Giubbolini


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Luigi Giubbolini, one of the reputed electronic engineers, has introduced the better quality fast chargers, and one of these chargers is ORCA-Rescue.


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ORCA-Rescue- One of the Best Chargers Offered By Luigi Giubbolini Electric Vehicle or EV is the means of transport that depends on electric power to run. In order to power these vehicles there are batteries. However to recharge these batteries you need best chargers. Luigi Giubbolini one of the reputed electronic engineers has introduced the better quality fast chargers and one of these chargers is ORCA-Rescue. The features of ORCA-Rescue- the fast charger ORCA-Rescue is one of the Level 3 Chargers for Electrical Vehicles. It can be set up on any mobile truck or vehicle. The main purpose of this fast charger is to assist the operators of the Electrical Vehicles in a particular way. It will in fact help those drivers to start driving the cars once more removing all the energy-related problems of the EV battery. The special device ORCA-Rescue can be placed into a usual tool-box so that the users can enjoy the simple installation on their trucks. Besides the most important fact is that the system

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can continue its work with maximum fifty thousand watts. However it depends on the source of energy source such as heavy voltage alternator for noiseless operation. In addition to it ORCA-Rescue is able to recharge the general EVs’ battery of 25 KWh up to 10 percent in only three minutes. And with the injection of such energy the Electrical Vehicle may be able to run for nearly 16 km and get to the adjacent charging site for the full replenishment of the battery. In contrast to the ordinary solutions the product- ORCA-Rescue reduces expensive service times. Besides it considerably lessens the possibility of the hazards on the road. There is also a mechanical breaker for inputting the overload and an Emergency key. One can also detect ground fault with the system. And in the accessible interface there are two switches to be operated. Thus ORCA-Rescue is the perfect charger for all vehicles. You can connect with me on Facebook Twitter or LinkedIn.

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