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Katy Freeway : 

Katy Freeway 40 mile section of IH 10 from downtown Houston to the Brazos River Constructed in the 1960’s Design capacity of 79,200 vehicles per day Pavement design life of 20 years Part of Interstate Highway System Maintenance cost $ 49,375 per mile

Katy Freeway - Reality GRIDLOCK: 

Katy Freeway - Reality GRIDLOCK 207,800 vehicles per day 11 hours daily congestion 30 to 40 year old pavement Annual maintenance costs of $ 197,500/mile (4 times normal highway maintenance costs)


23 mile section from IH 610 to Fort Bend County line 8 main lanes, 2 managed lanes, 6 feeder lanes Construction 2003 - 2009 10 Sections Beginning at east and west ends working to center First construction contract awarded June 11, 2003


$ 2,400,000,000 CONSTRUCTION COST (excludes ROW,utilities)


UTILITY ADJUSTMENTS Expense of TxDOT’s ROW Division ROW acquisition,relocation assistance,utility relocation $599,000,000 Construction period spans 2003-2009 Annual Statewide Budget - $300,000,000 for all TxDOT ROW Division Katy utility adjustments alone will be one-third of ROW Division’s budget for three years running

CenterPoint Energy Work: 

CenterPoint Energy Work 40 miles of OH distribution 42 underground distribution crossings 21.5 miles of Entex gas lines Fiber optic reroute and one T-comm antennae 5.7 miles OH Transmission 138kV double circuit converted to UG 3 Substations modified for UG Transmission

$ 110,000,000: 

$ 110,000,000 Transmission Substation Overhead Distribution Underground Distribution Fiber Optics Entex 28 Contracts over 2003 - 2006

Bureaucratic Red Tape: 

Bureaucratic Red Tape Unprecedented amount of Bureaucratic red tape Extended review/approval time for Utility Adjustment contracts Hesitant to make decisions Disconnect between TxDOT’s local office and Austin


TXDOT Contract required for relocations prior to start of any construction Austin-TXDOT review/approval of contracts Construction overhead cost issue 431 parcels required for project .Not all parcels acquired prior to construction letting GEC (PB) controls project Project Website established

CenterPoint Energy Underground Distribution: 

CenterPoint Energy Underground Distribution 45 locations with proposed underground 42 crossings of I-10 (Katy Freeway) 90 estimates/work orders Plan & profile drawings and traffic control plans - 120 drawings, 80 traffic control [plans


CEHE Drawing review required by all utilities through GEC - PB Project crossed ROW of several governmental agencies TXDOT Harris County Flood Control Army Corp of Engineers City of Houston Hedwig Village Spring Valley Hunters Creek


CEHE TXDOT lacked numerous parcels but still expedited construction schedule Directional bores 3 dry bore crossings Existing easements, required temporary construction easements for work area City permits - lane closures,street cuts

CEHE Distribution Underground Status: 

CEHE Distribution Underground Status 10 Sections (42 crossings total) 24 crossings complete Sections 1,2,8,9,10 - 100% complete 8 crossings under construction 7 on hold - require ROW by TXDOT 3 crossing scheduled for 2006

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