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Make your mobile more useful by accessorizing it with promotional mobile phone stand holder. This stylish accessory provides you to grip your phone strong enough to prevent it from dropping or accidental fall.


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Mobile Phone Stands & Holder:

Mobile Phone Stands & Holder Mobile phones are extensively used in our day-to-day lives. The latest smart phones are a buzz and big hit amongst everyone from kids to teenagers to adults, allowing them to lead a tech-savvy lifestyle. When updating to a phone with a bigger screen, we usually neglect the fact that a bigger screen will be difficult to use single-handed. Various products are developed to give your phone a strong grip so that you can browse freely.


Whether you are driving your car or lying on your bed or simply sitting at your work desk, it may be a bit risky to handle your smart-phone. Even while driving a car, it is important not to use a smart-phone because it can lead to accidents. That's why you always require a mobile phone holder that not only helps keep your smart-phone secure but also enables you to easily execute other tasks. PapaChina offers a wide variety of pocket-friendly and high-quality custom mobile phone stands and holders available in several colours and styles. You can also use the customization option. The best selling four kinds of mobile phone stands and holders are:

PopSocket Holder:

PopSocket Holder PopSocket is a flat plastic disk that pops out to give a two-fingered grip. It works as a stand for more convenient use. It is an expanding device that pops out to support almost every mobile/tablet model to increase its capability. They pop out when you need a grip, a stand, an ear bud system or something to play with. They also increase the comfort and security of holding tablets and e-readers.

Finger Ring Stand:

Finger Ring Stand The ring stand gives your phone a relaxed one-handed grip. Ring holders can be attached to the back of your cell phone with a strong double-sided adhesive tape. The ring can be rotated either in a horizontal direction of 360 degrees or in a vertical direction of 180 degrees, allowing you to grab the phone while taking amazing selfies. These ring stands protect your phone from being dropped and stolen.

Flip Mobile Phone Holder:

Flip Mobile Phone Holder The flip mobile phone holder is an artistic two-in-one device that functions as a proper holder and a stand with a mere flip. This mobile phone flip holder is designed for convenience, safety and it protect against unforeseen moments. The soft microfibre-coated material on the interior of the line provides a correct amount of cushioning without adding the bulk to your phone and retaining its smart design.

Leather Grip Strap:

Leather Grip Strap It is a small, self-held leather strip with a stretchy band attached to it. To form a solid one-handed grip, slide a few fingers between the strap and the case. Whether you're writing, taking pictures or shopping, you can hold your phone safely with just one finger with your phone holder! You can easily turn the leather part of the phone strap into a phone stand to mount your phone at any time.

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