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Introduce myself

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My name is ______. I am ______ years old. I go to _______ school. My teacher's name is _______. I am in ________ grade. I like to _____________ at school .

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I'm Glad I'm Me . No one looks the way I do. I have noticed that it's true. No one walks the way I walk. No one talks the way I talk. No one plays the way I play. No one says the things I say. I am special. I am me. There's no one else .I'd rather be!

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See Me I see my head. I see my shoulder. I see my arm. I see my elbow. I see my wrist. I see my knee. I see my ankle. I see all of me!

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This is me, from my head to my toes. I have two eyes and one little nose. I can wiggle my ears and stamp my feet. From my head, to my toes, I'm really neat!

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There are two little eyes to open and close. There are two little lips and one little nose. There are two little cheeks and a tongue shut in. There are two little ears and one little chin. There are two little arms and elbows neat. There are two little shoes on two little feet. There are two little shoulders stout and strong. There are two little hands busy all day long. I am!

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This is my hand, My hand will do a 1000 loving things for you. And you will remember ,When I am tall ,that once my hand was just this small.

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This is the hand .You used to hold When I was only six years old.

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Today Glory may I like today. today, today I like today. No other day's quite like today, Not tomorrow or yesterday. I like today in every way. Today, today, Today, My birthday!

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Here are my fingers and here is my nose. Here are my ears, and here are my toes. Here are my eyes that open wide. Here is my mouth with my white teeth inside. Here is my pink tongue that helps me speak. Here are my shoulders and here is my cheek. Here are my hands that help me play. Here are my feet that go walking each day. ~~~

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