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The listening segment of the PTE test is a very tricky section for those who are not familiar with native English audio. Asians are one of those who can find it difficult to clear the PTE Listening segment easily. If you are one you are absolutely on the right page because we in this blog will help you with the most useful tips tricks and strategies that will help you understand and clear the PTE Listening test. Summarize Spoken Text There are three types of questions in this task. The first is a text with a definition of a topic along with its advantages and disadvantages. The second is a set of instructions or suggestions starting with a definition. And the third is a question working towards research that was conducted on the topic with specific findings. Every question has a time limit of 10 minutes where you will have to write multiple sentences. You need to be careful to write the correct English with no grammatical mistakes. Also keep your sentences short and simple don’t go for complex sentences with too many punctuations as it may cause confusions. Last but not the least try to include as many keywords as possible from the audio in your summary. Write from Dictation

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This is the trickiest part as it is difficult to remember everything that we hear. And in this task you are expected to write the same sentence as heard in the audio file with the same sequence of words Keep practicing as much as you can to listen to an audio and then write what you heard. Start with short sentences and then aim for longer ones. The more you practice the better concentration and memory you will have. One trick here is that when you hear a sentence grasp the first letter of each word write it down and then expand the full form of it later. This will help you to not forget even a single word and get hold of the entire sentence. Highlight Incorrect Words In this task you will have a small passage on the screen which is the transcript of what is said in the video. Your job is to click on the words that are different from what you heard in the audio file. Clicking will highlight those words in yellow. This means you will have to concentrate on both your hearing and visual tasks simultaneously. Also remember one mistake from your end will lead to negative markings. So you need to be very careful One way to grasp the wrong words is by moving the mouse cursor along with the audio file. This will help you immediately identify the wrong word without lagging behind or moving ahead of the words being spoken. One very important aspect with the PTE Listening test is that you need to complete all your tasks within the stipulated time. Thus time management is very important You need to maintain a constant speed and manage your time well keeping your eye on the timer at all times. All in all you need to be fast as well as correct To make it easier you should get enrolled at a professional institute like Avigna Learning Academy to get top PTE online training in Chennai. Follow us on: Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube

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