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Is you are preparing for OET then there are certain very common mistakes made by candidates that you should be sure to avoid. While you will be taught and made aware of these mistakes if you take up professional coaching from one of the best OET training institutes in Hyderabad like Avigna Learning Institute but we yet sum up some of the most common mistakes that should surely be avoided in this blog. GRAMMATICAL MISTAKES Grammar is one of the most important aspects of the OET test. In fact 25 of the scoring pattern in OET is based on grammar and the structure of making sentences while writing and speaking. Thus it is very important that your sentences are free from grammatical errors. If you land up having 50 of errors in the grammatical aspect you are sure to lose a good number of marks. SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION ERRORS You need correct spelling and punctuation while writing the OET. Double-check your spellings and punctuation marks before submitting your papers. Placing the right punctuation mark in the right place displays the clear understanding you have of the language. So be very sure of what you are writing and proof read what you have written to get rid of most possible errors.

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TERMINOLOGY AND LANGUAGE When you are writing letters in the OET you are definitely going to use medical terms. However remember that you are often going to be communicating with the patients and their families. Thus what you write must be easy to understand and not complicated. Avoid any kind of complicated medical jargon and even if you have to make sure to explain what you have written so that the entire process can be understood well. UNNECESSARY LENGTH If you think writing too much will create a good impact on the examiner you may be wrong. You don’t need to impress the examiner with the length of what you are writing but with your content and language perfection. You need to write precisely what is required and nothing more. You will be writing in a medical scenario which requires no informalities. So just write up to the point yet conveying all the information you want to convey. LETTER LAYOUT In the writing section of the OET you will be asked to write different types of letters. While the content of the letter is important the layout you use is important too. Using the right layout will determine your understanding of the intent of the letter. The correct layout will convey clear communication of your idea and information. SPEAKING ERRORS While speaking you may get nervous. This will have you speaking hesitantly or faster than normal or completely wrong. In any case you will be losing marks as it will show uncertainty. So while you are required to stay right with the grammar vocabulary and sentence structure you also need to be right with your tone and pace of speech. Appear normal and confident while you are speaking at all times. For more information visit: https://avignalearning.com/

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