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Thanksgiving crafts - learn how to make Cute & Tasty Thanksgiving Candy Bouquet


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Thanksgiving Crafts:

Thanksgiving Crafts DIY Thanksgiving Candy Bouquets Incredible Edible Crafts

Thanksgiving Candy Bouquet How to Project:

Thanksgiving Candy Bouquet How to Project Step 1. Prepare the fall theme container (basket, pail, etc.) and floral foam (floral foam bricks or a Styrofoam disc). Foam should sit firmly in your container.

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Step 2. Cover the foam with shredded paper (the color of shredded paper should complement the container).

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Step 3. Prepare your fall silk flowers. Buying a floral bush is a cost-saver. Cut individual flowers from the bush with wire cutters. I decided to create an oval shaped centerpiece. You may want to go with a round or triangular design. Insert the flowers into the arrangement within the oval or round design spacing flowers evenly all around. This arrangement is an all-around design, so it should look good from any side.

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Step 4. Insert silk maple leaves all around the rim of the container. Bend the leaves down over the rim of the container. If you need you can extend the leaves stems with a piece of stem wire or with a floral pick.

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Step 5. Make candy flowers for your candy bouquet. a) Prepare MilkyWay® mini bars, bamboo skewers or 16 gauge wire, green or brown floral tape, a low-temp glue gun, and gold curling ribbon. Glue a skewer or a piece of stem wire to the back of each MilkyWay® mini bar. Hold the skewer/wire down for a few seconds to make sure it is secure. Tie a piece of gold curling ribbon on each stick

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b) Insert the MilkyWay® bars in several tiers in front of the centerpiece and in back of it. 16 MilkyWay® bars were used for the whole arrangement.

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Step 6. Make more candy flowers using different candy pieces. a) I used butterscotch candy and cinnamon discs. Using floral tape attach candy pieces to sticks and tie a piece of curling ribbon around each stick.

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b) Insert the candy flowers into the candy bouquet within the oval or round design.

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Step 7. You may want to add some fall foliage. You can also add a “Happy Thanksgiving” pick or a big bow in fall colors

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