Lindsay Marie & Michael James

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LINDSAY Marie & Michael James:

11♥11♥11 LINDSAY Marie & Michael James

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The Early Years

Michael James courteau :

BORN SEPTEMBER 15 TH , 1983 Michael James courteau

Lindsay Marie Martin:

BORN MAY 24 TH , 1985 Lindsay Marie Martin

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Well loved and obviously, well fed…

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“Do your worst, Mother Nature, I’m from Buffalo, I can take it!” “When does summer come back?!?”

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Family & Friends

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Preview of tomorrow’s wedding fashion? I hope so…

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Reverse Pocahontas?

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Heroes in a Half-shell

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Disney World: Fashion Forward

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Good Better eh… Really? (Old Milwaukee's) BEST

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This deserves it’s own slide…

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Lindsay & Mike

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11♥11♥11…to be continued…

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