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1Z0-062 Dumps Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration


Demo Questions Question No 1 You want a job that performs a bulk insert as soon as the loader file arrives on the local file system. Which two would you do to accomplish this? (Choose two.) A . Create a file watcher B . Create a bulk loader watcher C . Create a light weight job for bulk insert D . Create an event-based job for bulk insert E . Create a job chain with a step for bulk insert Answer : AD 1Z0-062 Dumps


Question No 2 Which two statements are true about SQL*Loader Express Mode in an Oracle 12c database? (Choose two.) A . It loads data faster than conventional SQL*Loader B . No data file needs to be specified C . It can load data in parallel D . It loads data more efficiently than conventional SQL*Loader E . It requires Enterprise Manager Express to be configured Answer : AC 1Z0-062 Dumps PDF


Question No 3 Which four statements are true about database instance behavior? (Choose four.) A . An idle instance is created when a STARTUP NOMOUNT is successful B . All dynamic performance views (v$ views) return data when queried from a session connected to An instance in NOMOUNT state C . The consistency of redo logs and data files is checked when mounting the database D . Redo log files can be renamed in MOUNT state E . An SPFILE can be updated when connected to an idle instance F. Datafiles can be renamed in MOUNT state Answer : CDEF 1Z0-062 Question Answers


Question No 4 Which three statements are true PFILEs, SPFILEs or both? (Choose three.) A . SPFILEs and PFILEs may both be edited with an O/S editing utility B . Some SPFILE parameters can be modified successfully with the SCOPE=MEMORY clause C . A SPFILE can be created by an idle instance D . A PFILE can be created by an idle instance E . All SPFILE parameters can be modified successfully with the SCOPE=BOTH clause F . All SPFILE parameters can be modified successfully with the SCOPE=MEMORY clause Answer : BDE 1Z0-062 Dumps


Question No 5 Which four are true about creating and running a remote database scheduler jobs? (Choose four.) A . A database destination must exist or be created for the remote database B . It must run as a user that is defined on the remote database C . Remote database jobs always run as the same user who submits the job on the local database D . A credential is optional for a remote database job E . A credential must be created to define the remote user F . A database destination group must exist or be created for a job to run on multiple remote databases G . A destination is optional for a remote database job because DB links can be used instead Answer : ABDF 1Z0-062 Dumps PDF


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