Counting on with Money!

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Counting on with Money!:

Counting on with Money!

What to do:

What to do Find the largest value coin. Put it in your brain and START counting there!

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Where do we begin?

Slide 4:

Let’s Count On! 5¢ 6¢ 7¢ 8¢

Slide 5:

Use your fingers or a number line!

Slide 6:

Remember to SWOOP! 2 pennies + 4 pennies = ? pennies

Slide 7:

How many pennies will I have if I have 3 pennies and 6 more pennies?

Slide 8:

Show me how to add 1 nickel and 2 pennies? Step 1: What number do we start on the number line?

Step 2: Count on!:

Step 2: Count on!

Slide 10:

Remember.. Always start with the largest coin value and count on!

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