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Brokers Tools for MT4 brokers and MT5 brokers are set of tools that helps them manage their operations seamlessly using technology, useful for both Forex brokers and Commodity Brokers.


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Slide 1: MT4/MT5 BROKER TOOLS LTech India Software Systems Pvt Ltd

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ABOUT US LTech India Software Systems Pvt. Ltd engages in an end-to-end exchange product development which enables you to focus on your core business. The products on which we accept challenges are -MT4/MT5 Broker tools, Brokerage solutions and Exchange solutions. The deep technology experience is key for the success of our products. LTech products range from data research platforms, integration and customization of the solutions. Our company is planned to take work as the innovative solution provider for new techniques and products. We are inclined towards building products with enhanced technologies which could meet the need of the clients. For us each day is learning curve with respect to market and we keep on enhancing the skills of our developers with regards to trading techniques.

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MT4/MT5 BROKER TOOLS Multi Account Management Trade Room Trade Copier MT4 Manage API Web Trading Platform Bridge Multi terminal BIG Data API Virtual Dealer CRM Social Trading Engine MT4 Manage Push API Web Trading Platform Custom Development Feed Widget Risk Management

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CRM solution for Forex brokers to manage all their operational needs from single place. The Broker can manage their users, Accounts, multi level Introducing Brokers (IBs), and Commissions, P/L Sharing, performance and reports in real time. The CRM is always in sync with the MT4 manager. Manage User and Accounts. Supports IBs up to level 10. The IBs are shown in the MT4 Manager terminal as a normal account with complete hierarchy as name, with trades disabled. Exposure report per IB in real time. Performance and trades report in real time.

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Multi Account Manager Is tool for fund managers to manage multiple investor accounts simultaneously. The MAM allows one or more master accounts to manage any number of slave accounts with manual or algorithmic trading. This system supports various allocation methods based on volume as well as equity. After a trade is successfully placed from master, depending on various parameters, the trades are placed on the respective slave accounts with adjusted lots at same price. Feature:- A White Label can use this tool without access to the MT4 server. Support different allocation methods – Lot, Percent, Proportional and Equity Unlimited number of master and slave accounts Supports trades from 0.01 lots to 1000 lots. All order types supported – Market, Stop and Limit

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Multi Terminal for MT4 is a tool, designed specifically for Fund Managers. The Fund Manager can connect to multiple accounts and trade on multiple accounts simultaneously. The Fund Manager can place trade in single account, multiple accounts with just one click of a button as well as search for positions and close them. The Fund Manager can also place trades as per the allocation method he chooses and manage accounts from multiple MT4 servers. Features A White Label can use this tool without access to the MT4 server. Support different allocation methods – Lot, Percent, Proportional and Equity. No Master Account required. Supports trades from 0.01 lots to 1000 lots. All order types supported – Market, Stop and Limit. Supports Trailing Stop Loss, Close By and Close All. Monitor Commissions and Performance in real time. Supports all types of dealing –Dealing Desk, STP or ECN. Supports multiple MT4 server Accounts.

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Manager API for PHP 1)Account Management 2)API Reports API for 3)Trades Trading API Manager API for PHP LTech provides easy to use, well documented manager APIs in the form of Web Services and C++ dlls, for MT4 and MT5 that can be used by third party developers. The APIs connects directly to MT4 or MT5 servers using manager credentials, and exposes all functionality available in MT4/MT5 manager or Admin terminal. The Account Management API provides options for Deposits, Withdrawals, Account Creation, modification and deletion. The Reports API provides options for getting Open trades as well as Closed Trades with various filters. The Trading API provides options to place new trades, modify and delete trades.

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Big Data API The MT4 BIG Data API is built over MT4 PUSH API, and is optimized to provide huge historical data as well as real time data from multiple MT4 servers in real time. The data hence provided can be used for BIG Data Analysis and business Intelligence tools that may lead to Trading Algorithms. 1)The BIG Data API provides two components Syncing MT4 Historical trade at Specific intervals Real Time Data Features:- Supports multiple MT4 servers simultaneously Supports providing Historical trades from multiple sources in sorted order Pushes Real time Open and Closed trades Multiple Currency Support

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LTech India Software Systems Pvt Ltd

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