Valentines Day Phrases

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French Valentine's Day words


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Le Jour de Saint Valentin:

Le Jour de Saint Valentin

Le Projet:

Le Projet Create your own “carte de voeux ” en français You can use the phrases I found or look up your own. You get 20 mini-project points for completing a “carte de voeux ” en français —you do not have to turn it in, just show it to me, and then it is yours to keep or to give away. You do not get all 20 points until you clean up from making your carte de voeux !!! Amusez-vous bien !

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Joyeux Jour de Saint Valentin ! Happy Valentine’s Day! Sois ma valentine! Be my valentine! Je serai ta valentine! I’ll be your valentine! Je t’aime ! I love you! un chocolat , une fleur, une carte de voeux a chocolate, a flower, a Valentine’s Day card

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