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Fossils By Troy

What are fossils? . 00:

What are fossils? . 00 Scientist try to figure out what happened before homosapiens. Fossils are remains of a plant or animal that has died and were preserved in rock over millions of year.

Why are fossils important? :

Why are fossils important? Fossils can represent animals or plants that are alive today They help scientist discover what was life like before there was mankind

How are fossils found?:

How are fossils found? Fossils are found by a group of scientist called paleontologist, and geologist are rock scientist that help paleontologist study and find fossils

Examples of fossil finds:

Examples of fossil finds Tyrannosaurus Rex Triceratops Quetzalcoatlus

Fossil Fuels:

Fossil Fuels Fossil fuels are ancient fuels made from fossils being squashed from the Earth Fossil Peak is when the fossil fuels are being found all over at the same time period then once the fossil fuel peak is over, the finds of fossil fuel will start to lower to there are no more fossil fuels


Unknown There are more fossils that are still not found by paleontologist but they have an idea of what they might find

New Dinos:

New Dinos One of them is the newly found Kosmoceratops one of my favorites and one I didn’t even know the Spinops Sternbergorum

The Extinction of the Dinosaurs :

The Extinction of the Dinosaurs Scientist believe that a meteorite crash landed on Earth destroying all life on Earth

Time Map- Mezasoic Era:

Time Map- Mezasoic Era Also World Maps

A Big Thanks from Me:

A Big Thanks from Me Thank you for watching Fossils By: Troy

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