Grade 5: Galaxies, by b322/Silva

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Galaxies by Doria:

Galaxies by Doria

What is a galaxy:

What is a galaxy galaxies are gather of dust and gas there are about 100,000 galaxies in spaces there are 3 different kinds of galaxies called Irregular, Spiral, and Elliptical Galaxies is never ending or lead into a different galaxies

Irregular Galaxies:

Irregular Galaxies Irregular galaxies have a unknown shape and really don’t look like any shape at all. Irregular galaxies mostly have the youngest stars than the other galaxies.

Spiral Galaxies:

Spiral Galaxies Spiral galaxies have like a disc shape. The Milky Way is a Spiral galaxy.Spiral galaxies have middle age stars inside of these kind of galaxies.

Elliptical Galaxies:

Elliptical Galaxies Elliptical galaxies have a round,flat, and sphere shape They mostly have older star than the rest of the galaxies

Black Holes:

Black Holes Black holes is a large black hole in the middle of a galaxy.Black holes happens when a star collapse or when a lot of matter and energy form. Here’s a image of a black holes. lot of matter colaspe

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