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Humpback Whale:

Humpback Whale By Marie Whint

Where does the Humpback Whale live?:

Where does the Humpback Whale live? The Humpback Whale lives all over the worlds ocean . Humpback Whale migrate to warmer places in the Tropics

Animal Classification:

Animal Classification A Humpback Whale is a whale and a mammal.

Predators and Prey:

Predators and Prey What eats the Humpback Whale? A Humpback Whale does not have a predators. What does the Humpback Whale eat? A Humpback Whale prey is Krill .

Fun Fact:

Fun Fact Did you know that a Humpback Whales flukes can be 18 feet(5.5meters)wide. A fluke is a fin. Humpback Whales often leap out of the ocean. Humpback Whales sing songs that last up to 20 minutes.


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