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Robins By Michelle

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents Habitat Diet Behavioral Characteristics Physical Characteristics Research


Habitat Robins live in North America and Europe. Robins build cup shaped nests in trees or ledges . Some robins add string and paper to there nest. In their nest they lay eggs in their nests. Female robins lay 4 to 6 white or bluish eggs.


Diet Robins eat worms , bugs, and berries . In fall and winter robins eat Chiefly fruit. The European robin eats insects ,snails ,and worms.

Behavioral Characteristics:

Behavioral Characteristics Robins chirp in the tree or in the sky. It also flies in the sky.

Physical Characteristics:

Physical Characteristics The male robin has a red breast ,a brownish gray back , a black head and tail ,and a yellow beak. The male robin is smaller than the male ,and its color is not as bright . Its size is 9 to 11 inches [ 23 to 28 centimeters long . A robin has white feathers around their eyes. A European robin grows about 5 inches 13 centimeters long.


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