Grade 2: Black Panthers, by b120/Hart

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Black Panther:

Black Panther By Lance Holtzclaw


Contents Diet Habitat Behavior Physical Sources


Habitat During the day time the Black Panther rest in a dense and thick bush. During the night time the Black Panther rest in a tall tree. Black Panthers are able to adapt to both warm and cold climents .

Physical Characteristics:

Physical Characteristics In fact the Black Panther actually has spots they are simply just hard to see. The Black Panthers black coat gives it the ability to blend in with the shadows.


Diet The prey of the Black Panther includes dead animals. To name a few of the thing a Black Panther eats are rodents’ antelopes’ and monkeys.

Behavioral Characteristics:

Behavioral Characteristics As members of the big cat family Black Panthers roar while other small cats such as cougars purr but don’t roar. Panthers have unique behaviors or habits which are different from those of other big cats or pets.



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